top 5 Green Tea Apron
top Grandma's Kansas Journey

Book and map pages, cut into Grandma's flower garden patter, stitched and waxed. Embellished with phrases.

top Willa's Milky way

Book and map pages cut into star pattern, waxed and stitched.

top Monday's Child

Embellished and collaged papers, waxed, stitched into baptism dress form.

top Travels west

Maps, papers, stitched and waxed, Embellished with phrases

top All I need to know

Book pages from an instructional manual, cut into school house block pattern, waxed, stitched.

top Marriage Robe

Printed iron scorches on used drier sheets. Hand stitched into robe pattern.

top The Owl and the Pussycat

Various types of papers, sewn into pattern of sailboats. Embellished with phrases.

top Summer twilight

Cyantypes of vegetation, waxed, stitched, made into a paper apron. Embellished with stitches in the pattern of constellations.