top Christmastime

Time for all the children in the world to write down their wishes. Santa Obama can do!

top Hearty
top Blessed People

"Darling, don´t you think it´s a shame to spend the money GOD gave to us on losers?" - "Mhg, mhg ...."

top Awareness
top Deux binettes
top Eye

In cooperation with my daughter who made a sketch of her eye completed by colouring and shaping

top Presumption
top Gaddafi incognito
top Japanese Proverb

The frog in the depth of a well cannot imagine the width of the ocean.

top New Currency

When the Dollar and the Euro are perished, this currency is ready: each bill can pay whatever amount. Thus the banks get obsolete (hitherto its them to "create" money) and the enormous rents and provisions can be saved.