top Escaping Window

I escaped through this window. I jumped through it and landed on a cemetery. Then, I started running towards the exit gate.

top Escaping Through a Dark Bedroom Door

I was going through various bedrooms before I found the exit.

top Escaping through a dark door

It was the last door before I saw the escaping window.

top Happiness After The Fact

Emotions of happiness after escaping oppression.

top Braistorming The Escaping

I was brainstorming the escaping from being kidnapped when I was thirteen years old.

top Escaping from Darkness

I was very happy when I escape. that dark house only to learn that I was in the cemetery.

top Escape 6

It is a moment of happiness.

top Escape 5

I was expecting the worst, when I was trapped.

top Escape 1

I depict my inner emotions from events of my childhood

top Escape  2

This painting reflects one my childhood emotional memories.