top Composition #335

Acrylic, latex, deck stain, tape, paper, cardboard and varathane on canvas. 30"x24"

top Untitled (Epiphany)

My Epiphany:

I have come to realize, or see in some abstracted manner, my new series of paintings are a reflection of my life.

I was given up at birth and adopted by loving parents (my parents). Even after their deaths I never wanted to search out my birth parents because it felt like a betrayal.

This conflict shows up in my art in the fragmented and broken patterns that are sometimes incomplete and unresolved.

Now in my 70's, I see that not only my current work, but all my art has undertones of this somewhat separated life and loss of self.

Everything I've done, the way I connect or don't connect with people, places and things are all there to keep me safe and from being lost.

The art shows me this - I don't believe I saw it until I read something written by an artist friend about himself for an exhibition I curated in 2017. His words, filled with emotion and honesty opened something in me and I will be forever grateful.

And here I thought I was just throwing paint.

top Untitled 08 10-15

Acrylic, latex, oil, deck stain, varathene and polymer emulsion - peeled from a painting support and mounted on a 6"x6" birch panel.

top Untitled

Acrylic on torn and crumpled paper. 7.5"x9.5"

top Composition #371

Acrylic, latex, glue, raw canvas, varathene and polymer emulsion on canvas. 48" x 48"

top Ice

Ice on glass patio table.

top Composition #374

Acrylic, latex, deck stain, paper, varathene and polymer emulsion on canvas. 36" x 60"