top OIl Derrick

Oil derrick at night.

Attempting to paint with light using my external flash (Which is what the 4 point lights are). I think the bright moon foiled it.

top Eamon's Camp Polaroid

Using sepia film left behind by Polaroid and bought through the Impossible Project, I guess.

Shot number 3 out of 12 on the pack. Trying to preserve this stuff as much as possible as it's pricy.

top Times Square
top Concrete Jungle
top Carnival
top Canada Day
top Grainery (Holga)

Hopefully you aren't getting tired of this building as I know i'm not. It seems to look different in every photo.

Taken with the Holga 120 film. Originally colour film but i took out what little saturation there was. The film I'm shooting is very much expired but it was free. Also, if it continues to yield such photos might as well keep with it!

Double exposure, taking the shot with the camera upright, then again with it upside down trying to line it up. This is -not- photoshopped! It's a classic photographic technique. [well ok..taking out the saturation was photoshop but that isnt anything amazing either.]

top Building

double exposure of some buildings near the legislature building in Edmonton.
ps. this is from my first roll so its not very mind blowing.

top Photography Student

L dressed as a hipster photographer. L is not a hipster for the record.
I bought him that shirt.