top Lucha Libre

First 4x5 negative scanned and de dusted. There was a hell of a lot of dust...

My friend R in his Lucha Libre mask posing in a suit. Doesn't get any classier.

Double exposure by the way.

Day light film shot in a studio with tungsten light and crossed processed E-6 style. This is why the colours are wild.

top I'm Crying

The final image for an open project that must have complex lighting. My good friend RT was a very good model.

This image came about after a lighting demo which used the same technique as Jill Greenberg, the photographer known for those crying baby photos. I think they are very funny (though they are probably not intended to be) and wanted to extend it into the adult world.

Adults don't usually express emotions so openly as children. We are much more subtle the majority of the time. Even though this is staged I think the anguish and frustration comes across very well.

I also have never used 5 lights in a shot before. I much prefer natural light or the simplest lighting possible. It was a really nice challenge to try and get 5 lamps to work together to achieve this shot.

If you read my <a href="" rel="nofollow">blog</a> you will have seen the image that one of my teachers set up using 4 strobe lamps and a ring flash. This image was trying to duplicate that set up without the ring flash as my school does not own one.

There is one lamp on a boom above and behind. Two kicker lights on either side which also bounce off two large bounce cards an off camera flash with a bounce card in front of and below for a little fill and a hot lamp for pupil dilation (even though not utilized in this particular shot.) A large roll of yellow paper was used for the backdrop.

There is a decent amount of editing done to this image. The strobe lights didn't have enough power to overcome the hot lamp so it was very warm. Saturation on the cardi and face were taken down. Colour on the background pumped up just a bit.

The colour really frames the subject.
Nice gradient pushing the focal point to the centre.
Muted wardrobe helps to get rid of the models body drawing more attention to the face.
The focal point IS his face.
Yellow really helps the anguish/frustration/man who forgot about his taxes. Another colour such as red would change the mood to anger or violence.

top Punk/Grunge/Skater

Final assignment for my Digital Imaging class.

This is the outline as quoted:
&quot;Choosing either fairy tale or archetype as your theme, create an image that could be used in an editorial fashion spread, keeping in mind an avant-garde execution or style. You could apply avant-garde reasoning to your subject matter as well if you would like.

Please keep in mind this is not a product shot of a shoe, or a catalogue description of the latest fall lines. This image is all about evoking a mood or memory, and does not necessarily have to be about a particular piece of clothing.&quot;

I went the punk rock direction as my friend, LR, pointed out. I didn't really know where I was going. I felt like all the high school smokers smoking by the Jesus statue in the courtyard. [I went to a catholic school. That statue has a story behind it but I will get to that another time.]

I think these shots follow the assignment really well. It's much more about the lifestyle of some punks smoking in a back alley after getting away from a fight rather than the plaid coat.

Last one sticks out more because it isn't soft.
Could be a drunk student.
Possibly schizophrenic.
Unsure about the focus.
Want of consistent lighting through all three images.
Is being the model and photographer difficult?
Could have lit the background to give it more dimension.
The model [me] is too clean.
The model is not greasy enough.
The nail on the finger giving the finger is too pretty.

top Stacey

This is probably the most challenging edit i've done to date. It wasnt the quality or quantity of photos i had to work with, it was capturing mood. Trying to express how someone else feels about nature, someone you barely know and going on a couple things they said in a short interview was very very challenging for me. There is an install with this photo but in that photo you cant see this properly so to give full spectrum i've included this for better viewing.
My intention was to show how Stacey feels in nature. this was the assignment and thankfully i pulled it off in the last bit of time i had to complete this project. She told me she feels very at home in nature. She likes going for walks, camping and just being within that element.

top Dad & Mom

Tracing a photo with a fabric marker onto this fabric, then sewing over I made a little portrait of my parents.

It was for an assignment that was just &quot;Family Portrait&quot; so this is what I did, confusing my teacher a bit.

Regardless I like it a lot and I think I'm going to do more, only on a bigger scale.

PS - my parents' eyes are not gimp in real life.

top Kiwi

Portrait of one of my cats, Kiwi who is considered my baby, haha. She is a 10 year old chocolate point Siamese who I adore far too much.

I traced an older photo of her and satin stitched over it in varying shades of brown from really dark to really light. [obviously]. I hand wrote her name as well.

top Wake Up!

Saw this <a href="" rel="nofollow">sweet bit of type</a> on Friends of Type, a blog I follow, and right when I saw it, I thought to myself &quot;That would look awesome in thread.&quot; So I did it.

This was digitized by Ed Nacional. Credit goes to him for this design, I just stole it!

3 DMC threads on 14 count black aida.
645, 648 &amp; 666.

The thing it's on is my headboard by the way.

top Hump Bit

Ricky: One of my favourites on the same subject is ‘a camel is a horse designed by committee’.

Karl: What d’you mean?

Ricky: It’s just a metaphor. If you wanted to design a horse and you had that vision but you let 12 people in a room have their say, it wouldn’t come out as you wanted it to and it wouldn’t be as good. A single vision is more perfect than a committee vision because with everyone having their say, it becomes compromised.

Steve: Rick, can I just say now: I can tell from Karl’s look that he’s thinking, ‘Which committee designed the camel?

Karl: Well I’d just say: why would you request the hump bit? ‘Cause that’s just gonna get in the way innit? I mean I have always said that about a lot of animals. It’s like we’ve doubled up on a lot of ’em. We have chatted about elephants and mammoths. One or the other! And it’s the same with a camel. I’d have that up there as ‘what are they doing?’ They were good, years ago in the Jesus times and that. Don’t need ’em now. D’you know what I mean? We have moved on.

Ricky: (laughing) ‘We’ve moved on.’

Steve: Not the people who use camels to cross deserts.

top Stitches I Know

Little cushion made using one of Sublime Stitches patterns. It took a while but all the colours and learning was worth it.