top What a Lovely Pussy

Cat figure, fancy paper and 5x7" shadow box [SOLD]

top What a Lovely Pair of Tits

fancy paper and bird figures in a 5x7" shadow box. [SOLD]

top What a Lovely Cock

fancy paper and rooster figure in a 5x7" shadow box. [SOLD]

top Parents are the Bones

this was for a trash to treasure project. I like this quote by Peter Ustinov as it's true and rather violent in the wording.

It also makes me thing about how horrible i was to my parents sometimes.
I also like the organic bone against the very un-organic dymo tape. oh, god. i just used "organic." shit.

Cattle rib bone with dymo tape.

top My Ponytail

I got a haircut a while ago and yes, I've been keeping this ever since because I wanted to document it somehow.
I kept it because I am going to donate it very soon [now that i have documented it] to an organization that makes wigs for people with cancer.

It's hard to tell but there is about 7 inches or so of hair there which is the required length for the one place I'm going to bring it to.

I've never done this before but I hope it works out as hair can be a big thing in our lives without us knowing. Just look at all the media attention toward balding men and how they can fix it. Hair transplants etc... I want to give my hair to a bit of a better cause, people who are really sick who have lost their hair to a terrible illness which has effected my own life.

Instead of giving the cause money, which I'm not against, I want to do something a little more personal.

top Autumn

People seem to think these are drawn leaves. these are REAL leaves taken off of trees. i did these for my drawing class which the assignment was "of the landscape."
seeing as drawing is very open this of course was allowed. Fifteen leaves rubber cemented on 5x7 canvas board clearcoated.
Idealy i wouldnt mind these framed in a way that keeps them looking as raw as possible. in either thin black frames or thin white frames. Or as i said below in the comments attaching these in a very tasteful way to a nice stained piece of wood to bring the tree back to the leaves.

top Cankles
top Polo
top Lucky Charms

One of two shots I am choosing between for my "perfect" food shot. I'm leaning toward this one because it isn't the full view and I think it is still readable as a big bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

I chose to do a bowl full of Lucky Charms marshmallows. I don't know about you but I know as a kid I wished Lucky Charms was just the marshmallows. It would save me time eating the actual cereal part and then the marshmallows.

Any thoughts on both images is welcome. Which one is more suited for publication in an editoral sense or advertising context as well.

Natural lighting from the big [and only] window in my room at about 1:30 in the afternoon.

top Keane Tour Book

Today was the day we photographed 2D objects in the studio. I know a book like this isn't exactly a 2D object but it was the only thing I had around that I figured would work for this assignment.

Here is my tour book I bought at the Keane concert in September 2009. Happily I got it signed after the show and it now sits on my shelf, content.

For you nerds it was a two light set up, some sort of rectangular hot lights, one either side at roughly 45 degrees. On a proper photo studio table, yellow roll for a seamless. Camera in the middle on a tripod. There was a bit of post done. standard sharpening and some colour balance/adjustment to bring up the background yellow to match the yellow triangles of the book.