top Kunstverein Schwimmhalle Schloss Plön, 23.06.-04.08.2019
top NZZ-Edition, 11.-15.6.2019

25 "Wave Mountains" in NZZ Building, Falkenstraße 11, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

top Volta Basel, 10.-15.6.2019, Galerie Thomas Fuchs
top Plan B, 06.-09.03.2019, Galerie Thomas Fuchs

We are very happy to announce our participation in the Plan B pop-up exhibition in New York from March 6 - March 9 2019 where we will show new works by Jochen Hein at 525 W 19 St :

Plan B
525 W 19 St + 534 W 21 St
Opening Wednesday, March 6, 9AM – 5PM
Thursday – Saturday, March 7-9, 10AM – 6PM

As you might have heard, due to unexpected circumstances, VOLTA New York will not take place in 2019 and has been postponed to next year. VOLTA New York explains the details about the postponement on their website as following:

"On February 20, the City of New York notified our parent company that significant portions of Pier 92 — one of The Armory Show’s two piers (traditionally housed on 94 and 92) — were not structurally sound and would therefore not be accessible for their fair to take place. Following immediate work to identify a safe, alternative location and after considering all feasible options, the majority of Pier 92 exhibitions and activations will relocate to Pier 90. The consensus reached from this intense investigation into alternative venues left VOLTA with the most favorable and realistic solution to postpone its New York operations until next year."

However, a few days ago, the idea for a Plan B came up. Plan B is a pop-up exhibition born out of love and support for the arts, occurring in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District and featuring galleries from all over the world. Plan B is made possible thanks to the generosity of Peter Hort, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, David Zwirner, and RiSBE, as well as colleagues within the arts community, coupled with support and facilitation by team VOLTA and Quang Bao (1969 Gallery director). We are very grateful for the incredible solidarity among the arts scene and look forward to meet you at this amazing event.

If you need further information, please let us know.

Tel +49 711 93342415

top Positions Berlin, 27.-30.09.2018, Galerie Thomas Fuchs
top Kunstverein Münsterland, 16.09.-28.10.2018
top Exhibition Galerie Commeter, Hamburg, 05.09.–10.10.2018
top Exhibition Nissenhaus Husum, 17.06.-26.08.2018
top Exhibition Nissenhaus Husum, 17.06.-26.08.2018
top Exhibition Nissenhaus Husum, 17.06.-26.08.2018