top Loving encounter

Beautiful painting that reflects love. A pure, naive love, full of poetry. With two characters in the foreground. A gentleman offering her a flower as a sign of his love. She is very romantic, delicate with a look full of innocence. My painting aims to capture that sublime and magical moment. In the background, the vegetation is laboriously painted with leaves, flowers and the architecture of a romantic city. The colors reflect the morning illumination, where in the sky you can see the degradations of pink, blues, violets very pastel.

top Lover in the circus

A couple of Harlequins in the foreground. They are in love and when finishing every night their function they are caressed. It is a tender love and full of colors. He with an harlequin's suit to rhombuses, beautifully degraded in reds, yellows, oranges and greens. She very feminine and angelic, with flowers in her dress with pink, yellow and green tones.
The accompanies a pretty little bird to make this union more beautiful and tender. In the second plane the carps of the circus, in degradations of blue and violets. The presence of the moon to make a magic and unrepeatable night.

top The girl of the origamis

Beautiful woman of profile. She has in her hands a vessel of where go out her doves with origamis forms to make them more creative and imaginative. The composition is enclosed in an oval to give to the feminine figure and her doves more beauty, making a very romantic and delicate painting. In a second plane is the sea and the sky with tones blue and green pastel. They are also present the flowers and the leaves that are in a first plane hugging the girl.

top The stars tell you

Splendid young woman in dialogue with nature and the astral and equestrian constellations. See the beauty of the background. Everything is movement, space and nature. The young woman, the main figure of the work, reigns over the whole composition. The colour in a pastel range, giving the youth and the beauty relation figure and background.

top Spring has wings

Spring is this beautiful woman sensual, delicate, with butterfly wings, made to lines and color gradients. There are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. She has a snail in her hands made in yellow and violet lines. In the foreground are the flowers, with their stems and leaves to give this season of the year, where everything is light, everything is illuminated and nature is at its best. The sun is present, made with the mixture of the reds, yellows, oranges and green cakes. That accompanies it giving a painting of much magic, fantasy and very feminine as it is the spring.

top The fisherwoman

The painting represents a beautiful girl who loves the world of the sea, fish and snails. She is crowned by a sea shell, which has the sea pearl giving it charm and beauty. Her look and the gesture of her face reflect that naivety and delicacy that this stage of life has, where the world is discovered. The colors are pastel and the planes of light and shadow are degraded.

top The saleswoman of flowers

Girl in profile giving us a canon of beauty that reminds us of a classic style, based on her delicacy and grace. The hair becomes the protagonist and it is so much her love for flowers that her hair becomes a flower, stem, leaves, making a beautiful painting very contemplative. Her flora and fauna accompany her, making her more beautiful and feminine. The modulation of light is present in her costume, giving the tones of light and shadow.

top Woman with birds

She is surrounded by birds and is happy. On her head she has the nest of the birds, with the eggs, the leaves and the branches of the trees. She takes care of them, there is the zunzun, the woodpecker and the little birds beautifully painted to give their plumage, fantasy and realism. In the foreground is the aviary or little house where they live with their stained glass windows and doors. She dresses in a suit made of flowers and leaves with very soft and pastel tones. It is a painting that invites you to contemplate it, to look at it and to listen to the singing of the birds.