top Welcome to the Free World

Are we born free???

top Unfinished Punk Painting

well, what do you do when your model leavs and you can´t aford more beer for her?

top "The pain and Agony of the Screaming LSD skull"

Psycadelic nightmare

top "Small child sinking in paint"

The feeling of sinking in the paint, too deep, too far...

top Things above your head in Tokay Hungary
top Documentation of Vienna no 3468

I love Vienna and live here now...

top Detail of another artwork but with shaddows created by the sun
top IDocumentation of Vienna 3138

As a new cityzen of a New town and a new contry wich I really love I have to show you all some of my documentation of Meine Lieblings Stadt...

Danny Hennesy

top Danny_hennesy_unuseful_wooden_gadget_art_pink

one of Danny Hennesy`s works

top Danny_Hennesy_framed_blue_angelboy_after_the_execution_bgp

aprox size: 20 x 20cm