top Complicated Simplicity
top Deranged Dilerium
top The Old and Very Grumpy mountain Goat

Acrylics on canvas 100 x 80 cm

by: Danny Hennesy

top the Peacock that turned in to a Vulture

Acrylics on canvas 80 x 100 cm

By Uncle Danny Hennesy

top Incinerating Inferno of Burning Hate

Acrylics on Canvas 100 x 100 cm By Danny Hennesy

top Bye Bye Hedonism

it is painful to kill of your Joy...

top Minute Noisy Friends (group)
top Painted Japanoise

Inspired by the Music Genre Japanoise!

top Panspermia-framed-art-abstract-painting-danny-hennesy

another one of my Wooden Freaky Frame...

by the Danny Hennesy Creator

top Just papers in the Wind

imagine that you diary would be ripped to pieces and spread with the wind after your death...

all your thoughts, memories gone with the wind, lost???

...or would someone perhaps find it?