top Dodi Stoeckel

Dodi, my chihuahua with my magic boots. I love to wear them when I am painting.

top Flipper Mania

A rainy day in Ibiza.

top No one will ever know

Every picture tells a story. This one is about Guiness.

top Mexiko

My battle against minimalism. I LOVE overloaded pictures. You will always discover something new everytime you look at it.

top me lizzy twee

Elizabeth Taylor - my favourite actress. I admire her dignity, strength and beauty.

top Koffie Time

An hommage to my aunt who drinks about 2 litres coffie per day. She says coffee brings you luck. God bless her.

top Karma Is A Fucker!

Get off minimalism!

top Jesus portrait

All I want to do is draw Jesus all day. It is a blessing.

top jealousy

Come to Britain? She loves him, but he is into Lady Di.

top In Gesprek Met

How to digest violence in art without glamorizing it.