top yummy

cannibalistic scene for a restaurant

top sun

Just put a smile on your face and you'll be like the sun.

top Frankie Boy

A4 express pappbild

top don corleone pizza mafia
top brains and guts

Betty Page using her brains.

top bob marley jesus
top das dritte auge

A series of pattern made for silk screen at the "Kunsthaus Tacheles", Berlin

top van gogh's garden house

I have moved to Holland because of Van Gogh. He followed the Meridian without being conscious of it. I love Van Gogh's talent, inspiration, spirituality and respect his endurance though facing isolation, mental illness and poverty.

top thup!

"Metamorphoses" by Ovid should be the Bible of any artist. It is an abundance of inspiration. The photographer Diane Arbus always carried a copy with her.

top swan kisses