top plitsche platsche katze

A tribute to cloth design of the 60ies and to colors and to - but of course! - cats.

top schreiben ist . . .

Writers have fascinating faces with a deep and intelligent expression. I tried to capture my love and respect for literature in this drawing.

top sapphire future engagement

Semiotic is fascinating.

top oink oink oink

Kaufhaus Keilrahmen Ibiza Style Pig Painting

top new york new york

Commission for a script sketch. Supposedly an alien calling earth.

top meyer mittelalter

It's about brains and fags and suicide and doctors.

top lush lips
top Hitchcock open shock

Hitchcock on a diet. "Open your mouth - tremendous shocks

top feuerpferd

yellow, red, fire, horse, Kaufhaus, Keilrahmen

top fasching

Robocop, Spider Man, Scheick, Virgin Mary, Samurai