top completely almost

this drawing is part of an ink drawing series exploring the free-flowing, automatic process of the subconscious. Although surrealistic in aesthetic and method, it still feels abstract to me. It is a wonderfully free method that explores the coexistence of the subconscious and conscious minds. 2014. #5 of 10.


this work is part of a 4-piece series about TV - or something approximating this. mixed media on paper. circa 2001. mixed media on paper with oil, pastel and pencil.

top trouble with hashtags #11

part of hashtag study

top trouble with hashtags 5-2
top trouble with hashtags 7

part of a study on hashtags

top tescpPnt2

towards escapism - detail of sculpture with drawings. towards one—

top left eye on a right world

mixed media on paper 28x32", with graphite, ink and acrylic

top no animal shall drink alcohol

mixed media on paper, 22x30”. feb 2015 | #2 of a series from part of found Animal Farm paperback on a 1/4 mile stretch of road.

top lights down not out

acrylic and graphite on paper