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policy enclosed | mixed media on paper | 9x12″ 2018
this piece, which is now evolving into a series with accompanying video.
I have been reviving my Michael tino design platform and painting for rests! So, naturally they became one.

top completely almost

this drawing is part of an ink drawing series exploring the free-flowing, automatic process of the subconscious. Although surrealistic in aesthetic and method, it still feels abstract to me. It is a wonderfully free method that explores the coexistence of the subconscious and conscious minds. 2014. #5 of 10.


this work is part of a 4-piece series about TV - or something approximating this. mixed media on paper. circa 2001. mixed media on paper with oil, pastel and pencil.

top trouble with hashtags #11

part of hashtag study

top trouble with hashtags 5-2
top trouble with hashtags 7

part of a study on hashtags

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towards escapism - detail of sculpture with drawings. towards one—

top left eye on a right world

mixed media on paper 28x32", with graphite, ink and acrylic

top no animal shall drink alcohol

mixed media on paper, 22x30”. feb 2015 | #2 of a series from part of found Animal Farm paperback on a 1/4 mile stretch of road.