top jumpingPalimpsestA

Painting, mixed media,
ongoing palimpsest

top saddleUp

noticed that image looses its boundaries so this is a duplicate with border.

top saddleUp

'saddleUP', Other/ Multi disciplinary, mixed media, 2013, 26.6 x 36.8 cm

top scum1
top formOfshape-1
top her Realease 1

mixed media, acrylic, graphite, house paint, oilstick on canvas

top bahunkisDead!
top oh77
top Release_orgStonesDet2

detail of, 'orange stones'

top Release_orgStones1a

acrylic, house paint and pencil on wood panel. 24x25". part of 'release' series. spontaneous, emotional expression of a most abject recent experience.