top Zoo under fire for disguising dog as lion

The zoo is absolutely cheating us.

top Thieves steal entire bridge

Bridge stolen.

top Man wakes to discover he shot himself in his sleep

He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

top Drinking challenge turns deadly after man's bladder explodes

He is expected to survive, according to hospital officials.

top New palm plastic surgery trend in bid to change fortunes

It's not a difficult surgery, but it has to be done right.

top Man exposes himself at association for the blind

Officers checked the area and could not find the suspect.

top Castle-for-rent joke draws serious calls

This time last year vacancy rates were horrendous.

top Hospital dept collectors take back artificial knee

They discovered the next day that the device had been removed.

top Man changed his face to dog face

End time is here folks.

top Poet to sell testicles to fund tour to Europe

The artist said the money would be used to fund a tour through Europe.