These artworks were selected by our members: Each Day the most favored artwork of the last 50 days (one artwork per artist during this period) gets on the front page.

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3031Choices112015-11-05 21"Red rug"2233Woman Sitting Part 244Beneath Surface Appearance55
The paralysis of  time66Mystery 77Abstract based on ths Figure 188Der Mantel - le manteau - the cloak99MADRE1010Song1111eine bestimmte zahl im kopf 1212
NANO1313Schwung b1 1414WATER PAINTING  11515the-minder1616QuaDA 13 (sisyphus and sisypha)1717untitled1818Clementines1919
The Difficult Occlusion of Nigh and Daturas Number 32020La noche del mescal2121  . . .2222Vanity2323someone from the past_22424In Principio......In the Beginning2525G-Fdl2626
Homeland2727j12828Aerial Landscape2929Urban corrosion3030The choice of destiny313112