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It’s been an interesting summer/fall to say the least. Back in June, I discovered I have an orange tree growing in my head. I thought about having it removed right away, but the fruit wasn’t ripe yet, so removal is scheduled for November 17th. It’s an unusual type of orange tree, not like your Florida sunshine one, that goes by the nickname of a “Flying Dragon” and produces very sour oranges that have a late harvest. Shortly after that discovery I found my husband to be addicted to swallowing flowers; all sorts of varieties, though mostly roses. He had been hiding it from me for some time. It was only when the neighbors came to me with revealing photos of flowerless rose bushes and that I couldn’t find the dried flowers I had been using as markers in my cook books, did I begin to put one and one together. I did the only thing one could do when reveal with such an alarming thing. I grabbed my grandfather’s rifle off the wall and pulled my husband’s most beloved possession from his clutched fingers, took it out to the woods, and shot it! It was this God forsaken bunny that had driven him to flower swallowing in the first place. I thought, maybe at last, things might settle down for a while. They settled for about a week or two, until I came home one day to find my husband with his head in his hands on our front step. His Coin Giver had found out about the flower swallowing and dismissed him from The Garden. All is not lost though; I have buyers lined up for these oranges growing in my head. Apparently, they make tasty candies for German children. Hope your summer and fall weren't too unusual. Yours Always, Cassandra

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The innocent sitting restfully under the gulmohar tree and over the manifesting flames of hell, ignorant of the approaching bite of knowledge...I mean snake.

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The Secret of the Golden Flower was an ancient teaching passed down orally for centuries until it was recorded in the 8th century by a member of the Religion of Light. The Golden Flower is the light and the Elixir of Life. All changes of spiritual consciousness depend upon the heart.

Sophia is the Greek word representing the personification of Wisdom. Sophia is also the light of the first power of the Tree of Life – the perfect invisible virgin spirit. Around her neck is a pendent of 12 spheres, and above her crown are the symbols of mercury and the sun. She carries with her the verse, “visit the interior of the earth, in rectifying, discover the hidden stone.” This stone is the philosopher’s stone, also known as the Elixir of Life.

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