top Philodendron

"Philodendron", acrylic and cut paper on plywood.

A large tropical plant decorates a cool, bright interior as the summer sun blazes outside the window.

This piece evokes the French sensibilities of Matisse, Braque or Dufy with the cheerful, simple organic forms, but overlays those forms on a complex, multilayered surface of cool colors and ambigious, barely-glimpsed shapes and gestures, suggesting the shifting patterns of fabric, light and shadow, and movement elsewhere in the space.

top The Uninvited Guest

"The Uninvited Guest",conte crayon over acrylic on paper, mounted on enameled plywood. An unexpected visitor drifts quietly throught the garden.

Although technically an outdoor scene, the image is packed with activity as vegetable forms jostle and crowd into a space limited by the painted surface of the paper. Colors are restricted, soft and unobstrusive, allowing the rhythms of line and subtle shading to dominate the shallow space.

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top Sleeping in the General's House

"Sleeping in the General's House", acrylic and cut paper on plywood. Landscape, architecture and technology collide in a turbulent, smoky space.

Over a background of soft, hot colors layered with gray, flat geometric forms and energetic "painterly" elements are bound together by a scaffolding of pure white frames. Chaos and order, held together by a fragile system.

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top Orithyia

"Orithyia", 2015, acrylic, plaster and latex enamels on plywood.

In classical Greek myth, the rough north wind Boreas took a fancy to a woman named Orithyia; when his courtship proved ineffective, he simply swept her away. She became the mother of his two sons, the winged heroes Calais and Zetes who accompanied Jason on the Quest of the Golden Fleece.

The paint is layered repeatedly with thin coats of plaster and then sanded to create the transparent veils of white, blue, ochre and pink ; a frantic web of agitated linear forms are grasped by that cold, cloudy background, as if being engulfed.

top Jaguar

"Jaguar", 2015, acrylic and cut-paper collage on plywood. The jaguar is the symbol animal of the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, the "Smoking Mirror".

top Summer Music

"Summer Music", collaged paper, acrylic, gypsum on plywood toned with coffee grounds and snow, 20 x 24 inches (50 x 60 cm).

I prepped the panel for this one by throwing handfuls of coffee grounds on it and then leaving it in the snow all through our last little episode of foul weather. Once the sun came out and the snow had melted and the panel had dried, I sanded away the coffee and layered paint, gypsum, and cut paper to create the image, one layer at a time.

top Refuge

"Refuge", 2015, cut paper collage and acrylic on fiberboard, 40 x 40 cm.

top Farmhouse

"Farmhouse", acrylic on fiberboard.

top Metropolis

"Metropolis", 2015, acrylic on wood. A look back at the visual sensibilities of Europe on the edge of war a century ago.

top Mirror of Delirium

"Mirror of Delirium", 2015, acrylic and pastel on wood, 60cm high by 50cm wide.