top Divina Comedia Epilog

Dante is back in Florenz.
He became the most famous poet of middleage.
He was th first who created such a poem in italian language and not in latin-as usual at that time.

top Divina Comedia  Inferno I

Dante starting to the big journey.
He is afraid of some wild animals and prays for help.

top Divina  Comedia    Inferno X

The heretics in the graves seen by Dante (red) and Virgil (white).

top Dante - Divina Comedia - Prolog

This is the introduction of 100 paintings about Divina Comedia ,written by Dante. Its a project and shall be finished in two years.
All paintings are on paper in combination of collage with acryl.
From every song I choose some parts of the text and transfer it in my interpretation and show my view of the situation.
For the collage i use free pics from internet, printings of classic and historical paintings or parts of copies of my own paintings from my datei.
Mostly the parts of the collage are so much covered or repaired by color that the viewer will not find the origin which i used before.

top Divina Comedia Inferno XI

The figures and the eyes are created as foto-collage.

top  Apokalypse

Many parts are created as collage with colored papers.

top   F7

The boat is a foto-collage.

top   F6
top   F5
top    F4