top Berlin-Panorama Steglitz

View from Steglitzer Kreisel the highest monument of Steglitz. In front: Rosary Basilica.

top Berlin-Panorama Schöneberg

View from the gasometer Schöneberg. In front you can see the Townhall of Schöneberg and the church of Schöneberg.

top Berlin-Panorame Kreuzberg

View from the Kreuzberg in direction of Berlin-Mitte (City). In front: St. Bonifazius Church. In the background: the press-center of Axel Springer, television tower etc. The television tower was constructed after the idea of Hermann Henselmanns 1965 - 1969 and built by the collective Günter Kollmann. His height is 365 m and so the highest monument in Berlin. From a 205-m high outlook-platform you have a nice look over Berlin with a distance of 40 km. The restaurant on the top is turning round every half an hour.

top Jewish Community-Center

Jewish Community Center in Berlin-Charlottenburg. This monument was distructed several times - at least finally by the stub after the Second World War. Before by bombs and during the Nazisme by organized arson in the "Reichskristallnacht". Today the Jewish Community of Berlin has his seat here.

top Berlin-Panorame Charlottenburg

View from the Berlin Senate (Civil Construction and Building) over Berlin-Charlottenburg.

top Blue Gorge

Fantastic group of people and animals in a surreal landscape

top Winged

Fantastic Bird with surreal, figurativ elements

top Ark

Fantastic group of people and animals in an surreal landscape

top Bird-Man

Fantastic bird-man with figurativ elements of people

top Impenetrable 4

This artwork is a main-work of the artist and shows his fantastic surreal world.