top Fork-Oskars

PearTreeFork+knuckle-duster. BirthDaysPresent forMy GodSon Oscar onHis 18years.

top NiklossJump

MySon jumpsFrom eletricPole at 6.III-2o1o.

top LatvianFolkSong

Alert Miller (Modris Melderis) from BoyMountainVillage "CastleRivers" said: "TheStone for monument"KoklePlayer" was taken from myLandProperty."
Therefore Alert (Modris) now go to takeAway the life of StoneTakers!
Flamingems sing LatvianFolkSong:
"Two Litle Meadows I cutDown, both cutDown & sang.
Ohio-Hio, Yo-My-Yo, both cutDown & sang!
Two ChewingGums I spitOut, both spitOut & salivated.
Ohio-Hio-Yo-My-Yo, both spitOut & salivated!"

3FeetGirl: "Why Flamingems yet not salivates along my beautiful 3 feet?"
Immediately he cutDown the meadows and THEN!

top ItalyAircraft
top Cherni$evsky & Flamingem

Nikolai ?erniševskij: "You canNot know, notFeel desire to studyMathematics, Greek & Latin language, You may not beAware otherScience, and still be anEducatedMan. But not to LoveHistory can only a Quite UndevelopedMan."

Stool ofNikolai: "Undeveloped HalfMan! Quite!"
Ingems: "Yes, thankYou, ?erniševski:D I didn't succeed History in school & bored it still today (yawn). So my Empty BlockHead drawn a Cassic.
A second stool: "Flamingems is made stylishStools from LeonardoHeads!"

top ArtistEye & Fiat124B

Now, ifYou buy GoodVitamins in DrugStore, youHaveTake withThem aSuitableOutsideBook forFree.
"EyeWell"-GoodVitamins! Leonardo inSightfulEye=toAllArtists!
WildDrivers: "Let's coverOver thatFiat!"
Leonardo'sSkull: "HurrySlowly!"

top Sweetened condensedMilk

SelfBoiled from farmMilk onThe potKiln. Jars with photoPortraits intended forExport toSweden. With Lautrec's drawings= toFrance.

top GingerBread
top GingerBreadCastle

SelfMadedGift for myDear wife'sMom.

top FlamingemsFly

Very sunny spring day = 6.III-2o1o.