top Danse Macabre (a)

Part of the "CHAUCER'S SAUCERS" Series.

top Danse Macabre (b)

Part of the "CHAUCER'S SAUCERS" Series.

top " GIANT KILLER I " (detail)

This is a large scale UFO FRIEZE ... belonging to the "Chaucer's Saucers Series", which is a Sub-Series of the "Marshall McLuhan Non Bilingual Concrete Poetry Series" aka "The Box of Socks Series" ... The Invasion Has Begun. Mars Attacks meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind ...

... like I said ... I had a very spooky Close Encounter of the FIRST Kind myself (a sighting of less than 150 yards) in 1974 at 2 AM in the morning on a lonely highway in South Carolina.

GIANT KILLER is the CALL SIGN for a section of the U.S. Navy, Naval Air Station Oceana, Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility Virginia Capes at Virginia Beach, Virginia responsible for, among other duties, Homeland Defense against ALL INTRUDERS IN THE SKIES above the East Coast of the United States ... regardless of which country, PLANET or GALAXY they are from. "All paper goes into burn bags at the end of each shift".

GIANT KILLER would have been responsible for the surveillance and/or interception of that giant THING that silently glided over my head with pulsating lights out there on the lonely highway that fateful night, ... I wonder what ended up in the burn bags after THAT shift?

top " GIANT KILLER I " ... (Ufo frieze detail)

"GIANT KILLER" is part of the nearly 3 meter UFO FRIEZE belonging to the "Chaucer's Saucers Series". Of course, the UFO here on the left was sighted over Africa and was at least 70 meters long ... the UFO on the right was sighted over California ... and glowed intensely.

top Here I Come To Save the Day

I woke up in the morning with the "Mighty Mouse Theme Song" in my head (the musical remnant of an unusual dream) ... it led me to discover the Andy Kaufman / Jim Carey interpretations of the song on YouTube that I highly recommend watching.
This painting is dedicated to MM, AK, and JC, ... part of the "CARDBOARD HEROES" series.

top Thanks for the Memories

Part of the "CARDBOARD HEROES" series.
In memory of a rather LONG list of personages.

top Visitor from Planet A3 Cygnus ...

Full title is; "Visitor from Planet A3 Cygnus Beaming into Berkeley to Give a Lecture on "GENDER STUDIES".
Nearly all my recent works, many done on re-cycled packaging, have the absolute Highest Sustainability Quality possible. ... Actually, The International Art World is not only the most ULTIMATELY HARDCORE CAPITALISTIC business on the planet (I personally have no qualms with the concept of Capitalism, but practically ALL the artists out there on the "Market" these days are HYPOCRITICAL Postmodern Marxist Idiots), .... The International Art business, is also one of the most ECOLOGICALLY DAMAGING on the planet, shipping thousands of tons of giant sculptures and artworks made of poisonous materials per Air Freight around the world every day.
So buy all your environmentally friendly artworks HERE, today ... before our wonderful little planet becomes buried under tons of I.A.M.P. (International Art Market Pollution).

top "TPRNRTNAI Series" ... Numbers A and B (left to right)

The beginning of a new year and a new series, "The Problems of Representing Non-Representational Themes in a New Age of Iconoclasm (for Francis Bacon)", painted on recycled cat and dogfood boxes ... meow,woof.

Francis Bacon HATED Non-Representational Art so these are meant to get him Rolling in his Grave.

The Series will include various Platonic Solids, molecules, atoms, Religious figures, cancelled imagery, etc. ... or, to be more specific ... what in this case is meant by "Non-Representational", ... is not only a Formalistic Matter, but that which shouldn't, couldn't, or can't be represented, or which is believed NOT TO EXIST or OUGHT not to exist, ... or to exist BEYOND the Scope of Human Comprehension, such as God (or perhaps "THE SNEETCHES", to "Woke" numbskulls).

It's off to a good start ... done today ... 3 May, 2022.

top "The Spectrum of Unifying Principles ..."

Full title is; "The Spectrum of Unifying Principles Prismed Through a Spectral 14th Century Fragmentation of the Feast" .It is the middle part of a triptychon, done in acrylics and pencil on cardboard ... part of "The Problems of Representing Non-Representational Themes in a New Age of Iconoclasm (for Francis Bacon)" series ... but also a part of the "Chaucer's Saucers" series, as it is an abstraction based on a 14th Century woodcut illustration from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". The title refers to; ... The cyclical nature of Nature (which means the incapability of human beings NOT to repeat their cultural disasters), Sir Issac Newton the scientist of prismatic colors who spent most of his time with Alchemy, and an ironic commentary ("unifying" ... my ass) on the disintegrating and fragmenting results of many, if not most, idiotic "social justice" movements at the beginning of the 21st Century, when this painting was produced.

top JT (self-portrait)

Part of my 500 piece Ink Drawing series, produced mostly between ca. 1990 and 2005.
A combination of personal, media, and historical impressions.
Drawn with Writing Ink ... like Visual Letters to myself ... a kind of Visual Diary.
A selection of these drawings was first exhibited at the Academy of Design in Budapest, Hungary in 1996, in a show called "Connections" (named after the Rolling Stones song I was then playing with my band). The curator was from Hamburg, and as he was viewing my drawings at his home, became a visit from ERRO, the Icelandic Pop Artist, who immediately expressed his enthusiasm, and especially liked this self-portrait and my "Empty Elvis" sub-series of these ink drawings.
Thank God this is NOT an X-Ray image.
I was listening to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds when I did it.
It would have surely come out differently if I had had Johnny Mathis on the turntable.
As Max Beckmann always said (it was just about the ONLY thing he knew how to say in English) : "Such Is Life".