top Ink Drawings 1992- 2007

Belonging to a group of 500 ink drawings done between 1990-2007.

A small selection was first shown at the Design Academy, Budapest in 1996, ... a larger selection then in the Barlach Halle K, Hamburg in 1997, and, again a smaller selection at the Artists Space, New York in 1999 (curated by Robert Longo).

In form (small scale), content (a mix of medial, personal, and historical imagery), and presentation (usually hung "St.Petersburg Style") ... these were the inspiration for Robert's "MAGELLAN" drawing series.

top Ink Drawings 1992- 2007
top Emotional Geometry

This was the "Landscape" section of the show at the Barlach Gallery (1997) ... many of these drawings (there exist many more than shown here) where influenced by 18th and 19th Century Austrian/ German/ Italian landscape painters ... especially Joseph Anton Koch, always a fave of mine.

top Emotional Geometry

This was the "Thanatos" section of the Barlach Gallery show ... separated from the "Eros" section by Neon Halo Sculptures ... during the music performance of the exhibition, my "TRANQUILITY BASS RIP OFF OVERTURE" score, (performed by 7 musicians ... 3 basses, 3 guitars, and drums) ... this was the drum section.

top The Joys of Postmodern Marxist Theories and Movements 01

A postmodern privileged white male outing into the social constructionist "imagined worlds of human social existence and social activity."

top Famous Philosophers You Should Know and Learn 101

Yes ... there are NO FACTS ... only INTERPRETATIONS as the great Nietzsche observed ... but nevertheless ... some people are not very interested in German Philosophy. This is part of the billboard-sized WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE series.

top The Joys of Postmodern Marxist Theories and Movements 02

"... ask not what your country can do for you ...", etc.
Oh yes, ... what a wonderful speech.
I believe I have an appropriate retort ;
"Fuck Hugh Mr. President !"

top The Joys of Postmoderism No.45

Yet another social construct with variable interpretation possibilities. My father was present at the Battle of Iwo Jima, as a radio man on the USS Pasadena, with Imperial Japanese, fascist, psychotic Kamakazi planes exploding over his head. (When will Imperial China have (A.I.) Kamakazi's, ... or are they already here?) Total death counts of the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa were much higher than the death counts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ... a mainland invasion would have cost up to 20 million lives.
For more in depth info see Clint Eastwood's films "Letters from Iwo Jima" and/or information about Japans WWII biological, chemical, and human research center, UNIT 731.
That the Japanese prefer to see themselves as VICTIMS with their yearly celebration of the dropping of the atomic bombs is absolutely PERVERSE.
The Japanese were the PERPETRATORS of WWII and the most vicious pack of murderers, rapists, and cannibalistic butchers that ever slaughtered their way through Asia in human history.
The dropping of the atomic bombs saved at least 20 million lives that would have been lost in an invasion of Japan and ENDED the concept of World Wars forever.
It would be preferable if the Japanese yearly asked FORGIVENESS for the Rape of Nanjing where the Imperial Japanese Army "succeeded" in raping and murdering more than TWICE the number of VICTIMS than died in BOTH atomic bomb explosions.

top Dedicated to all BLM and LGBT Heroes of WWII

Yet another hero, heroine, heroin dedication. Also dedicated to all idiot, fascist, victimologist, "revisionist", head-buried-deep-in-your-ass, filmmakers named Raoul, and also ... Idi Amin who apparently disliked human flesh because it tasted "too salty", and the Black Kings of Benin (West African Slave Coast) who "decorated" their palace with the severed heads of their own black slaves (only after Benin became a French Colony, and American and British War Ships patrolled the West African Coast, did the Benin Slave Trade come to an end ... just as Mussolini was the first to forbid the Slave Trade of Abyssinia under threat of the death penalty ... nevertheless, an estimated 30% of the population of Mauritanian are STILL slaves, and female genital mutilation and Voodoo practices still abound in Black Sub-Sahara Africa today, along with the world-wide highest percentages of political corruption, murder, and rape)... yes ... please read "Colonialism Revisited 101 A". Reality, as we all know, is not politically correct nor compatible with Postmodern Marxist Victimology Narratives and if it wasn't for all these graves, Europe would be nothing but a V.L.G.C. (Very Large Gas Chamber) today, ... at least all these thousands of brave HETEROSEXUAL WHITE MEN did not die in vain.