top Head with Wings (for Morphine and M.)

Named after a song by the band MORPHINE, ... I always found the sound of Mark Sandman's bass guitar (only 2 strings, both tuned to "D", played with a slide) inspiring.

We met in Hamburg after a show ... he wanted to "go where the action was" in town ... I suggested "The Golden Poodle Club", he got scared and thought it must be a whorehouse ... so he tried to steal my wife.

Well ... he was just another lonely guy from outta town. Wadda ya gonna do?

He sadly passed away in 1999, on stage in Italy, with his boots on (46 years old). A tragic end to another great little band (bass, sax, & drums), but honorable to "GO DOWN SWINGING" ... which, when it's time to go, is the ONLY way to go ... "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night".

At the top, middle, and lower left and right of this drawing is a SKULL symbol from the grave stones of 18th Century North German Whalers that I often used at that time ... men who often died far from home, with their boots on ... making this drawing somehow eerily prophetic ... it was done 7 years before Sandman's death.

top Permanent Wave (Dauerwelle)

This is one of my favorite silkscreens.
This was shown in my first museum show in Cracow, Poland at the 12th Graphic Biennial, 1988.
The electric blue color is wonderful.
This was done during the time of "New Wave" music and art in Europe and America.
A similar silkscreen from this very first series I ever produced resulted in my first successful SALE.
A print titled "King Edward Loves New York" (momentarily no photo available), was bought, directly from the wall as I was hanging it in my first small solo exhibition at the College of Fine Art in Hamburg.
The buyer was Ernst Mitzka,
Mitzki was the assistant camera man and caretaker of the COYOTE, in the West Broadway, NYC gallery of Rene Block, when Joseph Beuys did his week long "I Like America and America Likes Me" performance.
Quite proud of the fact that my first sale went to such a bonafide animal lover.

top Catalog, 12th International Graphic Biennale Cracow Poland 1988

This show took place one year BEFORE the Iron Curtain fell.
I visited the show by train, going through Dresden and Vienna to get there.
Cracow was still filled with USSR soldiers in 1988.
Quite Orwellian.
Upon hearing me speaking German with my German wife, a Polish taxi driver pointed to smoke curling up from a smokestack and said one word very clearly; "Crematorium" ... Auschwitz is a suburb of Cracow, which until that moment, I wasn't aware of.
My distorted silkscreen in the show; "Permanent Wave" fit well with the scene ... a distorted woman undressing before an oven.
Had I had a million dollars at the time ... I would have easily bet it all that "The Wall" would NEVER come down in my lifetime ... a year later it was gone.
Thank you Lech Walesa, Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Reagan, and Pope Paul II ... you did it ...
and by the way ... the most obedient Soviet Serfs BY FAR were the East Germans, who didn't open their mouths until the entire Eastern Block had fallen due to the courageous resistance by Czech's, Slovak's, Hungarian's, and the Polish Solidarity Dock Workers in Danzig who had protested looking into the barrels of Soviet tanks.
If it had been up to the East Germans, the Iron Curtain would still be standing ... take it from someone who was there ... and you may now use those "History" books as Frisbee's.
"Peaceful Revolution" my ass ... "cowardice" would be a historically more accurate term.

top Chaucers Saucers

Part of my diverse "THINGS THAT RHYME" series ... Here Geoffrey Chaucer is confronted with Flying Saucers.
As often the case, perhaps unavoidable ... another autobiographical series.
An alcoholic acquaintance of mine, in High School, often refereed to me as "Chaucer", (we were studying "The Canterbury Tales") ...
And in 1974 (LONG before The X Files), I had a UFO encounter, at 2am in the morning, in South Carolina, (driving on my way from NYC to Miami) on Interstate Route 95. It was rather CREEPY, ... very SPOOKY. An occurrence not easy to forget.
So I guess, ... if I WANT TO or not ...

top Chaucers Saucers

"CHAUCER'S SAUCERS" is a sub-series of the "THINGS THAT RHYME" archive. Another example of the value of auto-biographical artistic catharsis.
It is advised by all official and unofficial experts on the subject; that should you ever encounter a UFO, ... DON'T ATTEMPT TO MAKE CONTACT! ... not all our extraterrestrial visitors mean well with us.
The relationship between extraterrestrials and humans is most often described as being similar to the relationship between human beings and insects ... only in this case ... WE are the ANTS.

top Chaucer Riding

For his own sake ... I hope Geoffrey is riding AWAY from the UFO that just landed, and not TOWARDS it.

top Bambi the Thumper Humper Under Suprematic Surveillance of Big...

Full title ... "Bambi the Thumper Humper Under Suprematic Surveillance of Big Brat Brother".
Disney meets Malewitsch meets Big Brother ... Important gender and political issues are addressed here.
Were Bambi and Thumper Gay and/or Communists ?
Adorno considered Walt Disney to be the "most dangerous man in the world", so according to the Idiot Adorno, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Bambi" were worse than Joseph Stalin, Siberian Gulags, and/or the Soviet Tsar Bomba, the biggest hydrogen bomb ever detonated on Earth, and Disney was worse than Mao's Great Famine which killed 55 million Chinese, and Adorno the Dork-o considered Socialist Realism to be the cat's meow and the bee's knees.
Caught between Hitler and Adorno, German Culture didn't have much of a chance in the 20th Century, ... and it shows.
Malewitsch was Ukrainian and ended up in the hands of Stalin's KGB. (Some things never change).
"BRAT" is the Russian word for "brother", and the English word that best describes the Social Justice Generation, (in conjunction with the prefix "Spoiled").
Orwell's "1984" (among other works) is banned in certain school districts/States in the USA today (along with Mark Twain, Dr.Seuss, Burroughs, Ginsberg, and a long list of others).
Today's censorship, as opposed to that of the 1950's, comes from the political LEFT, under the pretext of eliminating gender, feminist, minority, colonialist, and racial "injustices".
Instead of calling them "Politically Correct Social Justice Warriors", a more accurate description would be ; "The New Inquisitor Imbecilic Goons of Competitive Victimology".
They seek not DIVERSITY ... they seek HOSTEL FRAGMENTATION ... to DIVIDE AND CONQUER ("DIVIDE ET IMPERA") which was the method of Julius Cesar and NOT the method of "WE THE PEOPLE..." Thomas Jefferson/Benjamin Franklin.
I would strongly suggest reading the original book by Felix Salten, "Bambi, a Life in the Woods", ... studying ALL the great books by Thomas Sowell ... and throwing ALL your idiotic Postmodern Marxist Angela Davis books out the window.
That would certainly be a major step towards a form of universal acceptance and understanding.

top Picasso vs the Japan Monsters No.25

Part of the series of (at least) 36 drawings ... "Picasso vs. the Japan Monsters"

Picasso, the biggest influence on Western Art from 1900 until 1945 ... MEETS in this series, the Monsters of Japan who ruled, Postwar, after 1945, the airwaves of NYC ... WNEW (Channel 5), WOR (Channel 9 ... and "Million Dollar Movies"), and WPIX (Channel 11) ... , the local NYC television stations of my youth.

Japan had a far reaching, fantastic history of Monsters, long before the first B-Film was ever made, and the influence of cartoons on Picasso was enormous.

So, at least according to Marshall McLuhan, this drawing series juxtaposes the Visual / Literal (first half) with the Electronic / Tribal (second half) phases of 20th Century Western Society and Visual Culture.

And it's only available, here by me.

top You Are Wasting Your Time Talking to the White Man

WMS series ... title is a Malcolm X quote.

Malcom X called segregation "complete racial separation" and saw it as the only hope for blacks in the USA. First "separation", then an exodus return to Africa was the philosophy of black nationalism.

If I (as a "toxic" white male) were to suggest (exactly the same concept as Malcolm X), that the best thing to do, would be for all American blacks to return to Africa, and further suggest; "You are wasting your time, talking to the BLACK man." I doubt that streets would be named after me in all major US cities, and I would be considered a "hero" of social reform.

"African American", Marxist, Lesbian, "Social Reformers" (BLM, etc.) seem pleasantly unaware that, among many other nightmare rituals, Female Genital Mutilation not only originated, but is still widespread in Africa, as slavery continues to be, along with the world's highest rates of violence, murder, political corruption, and rape. ... yet they are intent on "reforming" the "racist" USA according to African tribal principles.

The drawing is an image of HARPO MARX, "playing" an invisible (therefore, silent) violin.
Harpo couldn't talk, (was dumb but not deaf) ... and was considered by Salvador Dali, to be one of the three greatest all-time, true American Surrealist's (along with Cecil B. DeMille and Walt Disney, in Dali's view).


Part of the extensive series (at least 70 drawings) titled; "TRILOGY".
Full title of this drawing ... "WIG OUT or 4th Wave Feminist Social Justice Warrior in Dire Need of a Safe Space".

As you can see here ... much of my so-called art is less about raising an awareness and more about raising an a-weirdness, of/ for Western Culture and it's esurient Culture Vultures.

This piece is drawn more or less in the style of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) whose wonderfully illustrated children's books taught me (and generations) the joy of reading, ... those books are now (partially) banned along with works by Orwell, Joyce, Steinbeck, Huxley and many others.
A fascist disaster.

I heard someone recently suggest using colleges filled with SJW's as testing grounds for neutron bombs, ... an interesting (and very understandable) notion, methinks.