top JT w/ 8 string Rickenbacker 4003s8 bass guitar, sound check
top Catalog," D&S" Kunstverein Hamburg 1989 w/ Koons, Polke...

This exhibition was the Northern European introduction to Postmodernism ... complete with ridiculously incoherent molto stupido catalog texts ... but nevertheless with a lot of good artworks that according to the retarded curators meant something that they obviously didn't.

It is a Major Disaster of Post WWII Western Culture that artists have left the "thinking" up to a bunch of idiotic, dogmatic, simple minded "curators" who are always attempting to appear what they definitely ARE NOT ... namely, "intelligent".

I worked as a security guard for this show, AND I WAS IN THE SHOW. So I spent the days watching my own artworks on the wall.

The worst moment was when Peter Ludwig, the Art Collector Number One in West Germany at the time visited the show, and stopped directly in front of me and my artworks, and one of the idiot curators (who I didn't know) started "explaining" to Ludwig who I was and what my art was about.

As my dear old dad used to say; "I didn't know whether to shit or go blind."

I guess I still don't.

top Catalog, "Connections" Academy of Design Budapest 1996

This was a show of DRAWINGS presented at the Academy of Design in Budapest, Hungary in 1996, but organized by a curator in Hamburg.
The show title "Connections" was taken from the Rolling Stones song "Connection" that was on the playlist of the band I was playing with at that time.
The Icelandic Pop Artist ERRO turned up at the office of the Curator (who at that time had rather good taste considering the fact that he was and still is a midget, choleric, turd) ... and was thrilled when he saw my ink drawings, especially my "Empty Elvis" drawing lying on the table.
Thank you ERRO, proud to be complimented by such a Master, indeed.

top Catalog, SchönWahnSinnig 2007 w/ Warhol, Lichtenstein, Penck,...
top Catalog, SchönWahnSinnig 2007  back cover w/ drawing by JT
top Catalog, "The Searchers" ArtistsSpace N.Y.C. 99 curator R. Longo

The LAST PICTURE SHOW of the 20th Century at the Artists Space.
Robert Longo invited me to participate in this show. He always liked my ink drawings ... they were the inspiration for his "Magellan" series.
I met Irving Sandler (art historian and founder of the Artist Space) at the opening ... he said; "These (drawings) are wonderful, ... I've never seen anything like them ... they are really wonderful ... where is your studio?" When I told him I was living in Germany he was disappointed.
We did keep in contact by mail for a while ... some correspondence of which is now in his archive at the Getty Museum in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

top Ink Drawings

These were part of the show in the Artist Space, NYC, 1999.

top Ink Drawings

These were also part of "The Searchers" show at the Artists Space, NYC in 1999.
Today they are here in my mega-archives.

top The Kingdom of HYPNOS Revisited

Old title ... "Blood In the Streets of the Town of New Haven" ... from the DOORS song, "Peace Frog" in which Jim Morrison refers to his arrest onstage at the New Haven Arena in December 1967.
It was in New Haven in December, 20 years later at the Yale Art Gallery that I discovered this painting by Giulio Carpioni from the 17th Century which reminded me in many ways of the "Wild 60's" ... it immediately became a big favorite of mine and I have tried to work it into various compositions ever since ... this is one of my favorites from 1992 ... a mix of photos and silkscreens.
Size is variable, this is a smaller version ... The Bigger the Better.

top The Temptation of the Temptations ...

Full title is ; "The Temptation of the Temptations, or Papa Was a Rolling Stone meets the Ball of Confusion"

Unfortunately ... I seem to be the only personage on planet Earth who likes these FOTO-WORKS of mine.

They are concerned with my personal "Theory of the Three Phases of Western Culture" I've developed, having worked for decades in various wonderful museum collections.

The old title was "Alpha Helix" ... i prefer this title (at the moment).