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top Return of the Body Snatchers (green version)

Titled after one of my favorite horror movies of all time ... the original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" from 1956 directed by Don Siegel (Clint Eastwood's mentor), with Kevin McCarthy and Carolyn Jones.
I was walking through Hamburg on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon ... but the streets were empty, because there was an important soccer game on television.
I could see the green soccer field on all the TV screens in the city as I walked around and looked up into apartment windows.
I stopped and took this photo of an18th Century botanical etching, that was hanging in an art gallery window ...
So this piece is ...quite literally ... a reflection on/of Nature from the street perspective of a large 20th Century concrete city where DISEMBODIED NATURE appears the most GREEN it can be on either ELECTRIC SCREENS or in old etchings hanging in shop windows.
This piece was only shown once, in an exhibition in 1993 titled, "Made in Hamburg".
Across the street from the gallery, at the same time was a show in the Deichtorhallen titled "Der zerbrochene Spiegel" curated by Kaspar König and Hans Ulrich Obrist.
The gallery director told me later that Obrist had visited the show and thought this work to be the most interesting, and wanted to know more about it and the artist (me).
Well Hans ... gimmie a call, ... this work is still up for grabs, ... so am I.
I also have a Yellow Version (Autumn Version), in the same large format, lying around here somewhere in Le Studio ... c'est aussie tres bien.

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Shock and Awe, Baghdad

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Shock and Awe, Baghdad

top The Foot of God

The foot of Jesus photographed in a graveyard, directly after the burial, on a cold rainy November day, of someone I loved, who had been murdered.

Jesus just left Chicago,
And He's bound for New Orleans,
Working from one end to the other,
And all stops in between.
You might not see Him in person,
But He'll see you just the same,
But you don't have to worry,
'Cause taking care of business
Is His name.

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top Blue Cowboy (yellow version)
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top JT at EMI Publishing with "No Flies on Frank" Triptych

A king size, anamorphic, triple portrait of Francis Albert Sinatra.
A commission by EMI at the time of Sinatras, "Duets" release.