top JT, coffee break without coffee, filming "Rodeo", with J. Faust

photo by jörn zehe

top JT, as Joe the Killer, from "The Mansion",  by Jeanne Faust

Short film by Jeanne Faust,... also with Lou Castel.

top JT, as The Ghost, from "Said Death to Passion" 2007, by J. Faust

"Said Death to Passion", a short film by Jeanne Faust, based on the short poem by Emily Dickenson.

photo by jörn zehe

top JT, co-directing music video, "Plan B", with Robert Longo, 1992

Commission, Ariola Records.

top Philosphical Variation I "Being"
top Philosphical Variation II "Logic"
top Left Hand "D"

For seven years I ran the "Children's Program" in a Hamburg Art Forum. ... some children came to my program for EVERY SHOW during the entire seven years I taught it.
I realized from the start that the children seemed to concentrate more on their drawings if I was drawing too and concentrating on what I was doing.
So I decided on practicing drawing HANDS ... but in the form of American Sign Language.
My intention was to have enough HAND letters to write Allen Ginsberg's "HOWL" on the wall.
Even though I have HUNDREDS of HAND LETTERS, after seven years, I think I'm still way short of "HOWL".
I quit the museum after an new IDIOT BUSINESS MANAGER started spending money on disco colored lighting in closets while cutting my Drawing Program in half and after having a rather interesting "discussion" with his incredibly IGNORANT OBNOXIOUS WIFE.
These are the type of "intellectually advanced personalities" that the Halls of "High Culture" are brimming with.
To quote the Sex Pistols;
"God Save the Queen ... She Ain't No Human Being."

top Left Hand "J"
top Left Hand "W" ("WAR")
top Pilgrimage to a Cross in the Void (detail)

"..... fifty more shocks will never return your soul to its body again from its pilgrimage to a cross in the void...."
from "HOWL"
by Allen Ginsberg