top Bulldog cartoon WTF

A whimsical bulldog cartoon.

top Calm before the storm

Semi sleeping my dog waits for the Hurricane Irene to come.

top Gypsy

Hucksterism,PT Barnum , Fantasy ,Fashion Minded Consumerism, Occult , Religion and a carnival atmosphere seem to me to be evoked by this Funhouse styled mechanical Gypsy .

top The Whole World

A photo I took on my cell phone

top Swipe Piece Art Appreciation

A satire on the clash between tourism and culture.

top Untitled

A gorilla at the Bronx zoo.

top Starbucks collage

A mixed media collage ,done while drinking mass quantities of caffeine (i@ Starbucks ) and inspired by the sense of anguish and loss so common after 9/11

top mickey for theresa 2010 wcpencil

A painting of a friend's cherished parrot