top trasparenza 1

This is a sketch of a female model that I wanted to portray without the obviousness of sexuality and portray the female form in its shape, delicacy, yet strength.

top Osservazione 1

This work is in the Osservazione series, a darker, contemplative portrait of people in how they interact with the deeper concerns of life. Each subject is carrying with them a weighted and challenging story.

top Osservazione2

This painting was layered and scratched to develope a sheen to the surface that gives the subject the austere, private mood and feeling.

top Osservazione 4

This is a portrait of a man I painted after seeing a report on Afghan prisoners of war. The weight of this man's contemplation, left a mark on me. The bottomless effect of war and politics on ordinary people.

top nude sketch

Graphite sketch of a model about to pose.

top rilessioni in segretezza

An oil and enamel sketch of a female figure.

top Model Kneeling

Charcoal, mixed media sketch of a breath taking model kneeling and stretching before her pose. Felt this was more beautiful than a reclining pose in a chair.

top By The Road

Abstract display of color and texture of deep reds, ambers, and charcoal color.

top Occhiata di Montepulciano

abstract depiction of the beautiful Tuscan wine town of Montepulciano, Italy.

top margherite e girasoli

watercolor painting of some blooming fresh cut flowers from the garden.

Watercolor on paper 9x12