top On his back

trying to right side the position

top Too hot

A canadate for a possible small works show.,2016

top The Starman

A mixed media. Cut paper, glitterglue, colorpencil, gouache.

top Academic

After COLT, and revised.

and revised.

top The athleath

Tribute to R. Colt

top Hot and cold

Tribute d to H. Bush

top The Bait

Fictional movie ad(one) She used him for her own objected, only to find little reward.

top A Rage of Angels

Fictional movie ad(2) An anger is hard to control when you've been used for evil.

top Sealed with a kiss

Fictional Movie Ads(3)

top Randolf Is

Fictional movie ads(3) A beach romp and other exploits that turns a town upside down.