top Versace shirt

The pink borders is not really part of the artwork.

top Summer lov'n

"Summer lov'n happened so fast.."


After a 19th century salon painting.

top Japenese woman

After a well know 19th cent. Japanese artist.

top Woman in a black and grey print kimono.

I found this buried in my files. 2013 Gifted to a friend

top Asian woman sitting on a cusion
top Tangalia

Second draft for a menu cover. SF, Cali. name of resturant is called Tangoella.

top E. Flynn

Doing a series of movie stars of the past from pulp magazines and photos. Its kind of a therapy for me before I start a larger piece.

top Patrica Medina

A beauty of the screen during the late 40s and early 50s.

top Hector

2012, SOLD at Visual Aids, Postcard exhibit. NYC.