top  Rogue having fun, detail from outsider picture

It is not necessary now to state the reasons why Euzebio Whackedy is such what is he like: bad character from the World of Fantasy to whom it is only important to entertain himself, even if it hurt the other person, with mandatory physical pain (prick with a nail in the foot - from the earth - innocent passerby). His obsession with this morbid party requires lengthy, elaborate preparations: Euzebio has to dig up a small shelter in the land, similar to a mining pane. Then attach a long nail that reaches the ground level through a hidden hole above his head. When a traveler, a walker, or some passer-by comes over that hole, Euzebio stands up suddenly and stabs it with a nail in the foot. We can hardly understand the enormous pleasure that Euzebio experiences when the passerby cries out of a painful puncture. That it is a serious obsessive disorder has no doubt because Euzebio spent a long time in his shelter, in a good mood, waiting for the innocent victim. Euzebio has several tricks that he uses to increase the number abominable stitches, but about it later.

top Five scorpions dancing on cardboard, one outsider mini art

People of the World of Fantasy, sometimes before the dusk, hear the rhythmic hitting of hard plantar on the ground. During those moments, there is a need for increased caution when passing through the area of Scorpions. To many beings, their dance, the sound of hitting the feet on the ground seemed nice and their somewhat stiff dance moves were fun. Curiosity, standing, and viewing Scorpions as a dance can have a very bad outcome for a curious observer. If they see you, they will rush for you, God forbid! to catch you. With knees and elbows will sting you, and with pliers tweak so strong that your body will hurt for months, inflated like a balloon.
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top  Doctor Illness, by old bone art

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Shortly after graduating in medicine doctor Illness concluded that the treatment of people does not make sense since he constantly coming new ill patients. The great desire to explore the state of the disease, he began his patients exposed to hazardous situations contagion and infection. Curious and eager for knowledge about the most serious illnesses, supported and developed existing disease in their patients. He did not hesitate to post the wrong diagnosis, prescribing the drugs that have not been treat difficult health situation, on the contrary, they encouraged further development of the disease. After several years, he was arrested and charged with numerous deaths. Very indignant, told the court that great scientists have never been properly accepted by a society full of prejudices and petty soul.

top Go away, this is not a good place for you!

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top stara kost old bone Princeza sa koraljnog grebena (sa tjelohr...

Once upon a time lived far away king who got a beautiful daughter. The news of her beauty, and the she was still a child, spread quickly through the underwater world, various rulers and dignitaries constantly came seeking her hand in marriage of the king, when the princess grows. The king sent the princess with a company of bodyguards on the coral reef, saying:
The rulers and nobles we constantly bother asking for your hand, it can impair your youth and beauty. These bodyguards will keep you until greeted your Prince. Enjoy the purest water of the underwater world and grow, I will choose and send the best prince on the coral reef that build up your own kingdom.
It is not known whether the king something happened but years passed and the prince did not come. Princess no one could to approach because the bodyguards expel anyone get close to a coral reef. Princess was impatient, sometimes angry then sad. In the end, in her is encased a melancholy who sipping fresh of face and body. Speeches some traveling singers of old songs that is opened the portal, the gateway to another world in the coral reef. Is that true, what kind is this other world it remains to to speculate.

top My name is John, John! by stara kost

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top Psihijatrija trinaest Psychiatry thirteen swtara kost outsider

For some stories, it is best never to be told.

top 3. True stories puppet zvonko lutak strip

Note: Puppet Zvonko is tall a span, but its appearance is so magnificent, in the eye of each observer leaves such a strong impression that it is impossible to draw it in its original size.
If the enemy is about a thousand, Puppet Zvonko will take up to 10 puppetapostles in battle. (Thus the enemy has theoretical chances of winning. Only theoretical.)
This drawing can change to a better understanding of the true values of life by true intellectuals.

top Do not worry, everything's fine!

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top Nema isprike No excuses