top old bone art

Far away, untouched nature, areas of vegetation where the human foot has not yet passed, such places attract Leonor. For this reason, it is no surprise that the good Leonor feels better in the World of Fantasy, full of forests, meadows and other natural beauties. When he comes to such a place, in silence, Leonor has been watching the environment, for a long time, filled with pleasure and happiness that he sees first. Second day Leonor will go further, making sure he leaves no trace behind him.
100X70cm., cardboard

top Those who bring boredom

Those who do not believe in the existence of these beings, the inhabitants of the World of Fantasy are called fools and unimaginative stumps. If you have a slightly stronger sixth sense then you feel their action in your surroundings, but also in your interior. That small, many beings (energies) suck up every act, desire for change, emotions that push us forward - and many other -, key points that allow us to experience some surprise in the near future. We then feel the presence of a rotted deadness and in the near future we do not see that something new could break the apathetic situation. When these tiny gluttons eat the chance to swing and instill hopelessness in us, disappear is unknown where, leaving boredom and helplessness. It depends on us how much it lethargy, in which we are, last.
100X70 cm

top From the notebook of the old witch

The sun started to sink behind the far mountains just when I go out from Great Woods. I quickly collected some dry branches, it is always better to wait for the darkness with the light and warmth of the fire. I asked Nott, the goddess of the night to keep me, and then extract the old witch's book from the bag. I open it randomly and I see the illustrations you see, the presentation of the system that the witch used to read the past and the future. In this skill she was extremely gifted, so she told me many times about prophecy:
- Think twice are you going to say it, what you see is going to happen.Find your way of developing the ability of divination, starting from the fact that everyone is unique, There is no universal formula for those who really want to go far to the path of magic. Be forever a wise Pupil who seeks and takes a fertile grain from many fields and uses them later in their personalized occult procedures.
I leaned my head on a trunk, thinking. Fire bent into unusual shapes and I stared at her. In my brain it was slowly getting light, knowledge is growing that witch had long since surrendered all the magic tools, I just had to work.
100X70 cm, cardboard

top U sredistu paznje In the center of attention

- The human species is too burdened with the term "beauty", and men and women are most often unhappy with their appearance. Many people even suffer from mental pain, have a feeling of less value - because they have created in their minds a picture of themselves as a ugly and unattractive person, "said Old Bone..
We were sitting around the campfire and watched him how to ignites tobacco pipe and then continued:
- One saying says,"A woman ass adorns, and cake, nut." Furthermore, someone else will find beauty in the eyes of some being, the third one considered most important sex organs of a being. We do not need to wonder the human race (who is known to be submissive with suggestions and little use of his own brain) that he will always find some deficiency on his body and look, to bother them like a stone in a shoe.
Old Bone took a piece of paper out of the bag, spread it out and show us the picture ( whom you see.)
- This is Gojko, a critical case of being, who has convinced in his mind that he is extremely ugly and most incredibly, he is - from the World of Fantasy!
I looked at the picture well and I was surprised how it was possible that Gojko so think about yourself. Being it was very cute, with small horns, tail wonderful and beautiful nails.
Mica Threeboobs, sitting up to me, whispered:
- Buck.
- Gojko heard some pleasant words about his appearance, but they all experienced it as a mockery in his account - continues story Old Bone - and began to hide in the inaccessible forests, moan over himself, avoiding appearing in the public. At his unpleasant surprise, he became more and more the center of attention of some creatures, only those beings known reasons. Without success, mouse Orion says him, "Every pot finds a lid!", because Gojko does not hear, just looks at who will be ridiculously laugh at his looks.

top Za sve postoji prvi puta For everything happens for the first...

Leonard, Paul and Pepe (from left to right) are ghoulish ghosts whose favorite party is to suddenly enter into other worlds. Immediately afterwards, this trio, with the thunderous screaming, rushed in the pursuit of the bewildered beings, enjoying in their panic and their fear in bones. Then they retire to their secret castle, where they slowly talk with tea and biscuits about how fun their last appearance was. The picture depicts their coming into the World of Fantasy, at their accident just in the area Gray Spikyheads, who are known to everyone, are extremely non-,hospitable, prone to violence and do not know the fear. So Leonard, Paul and Pepe will experience an unpleasant surprise for the first time, their new experience will be pervaded with pain and humiliation. We wish them good luck to return to theirs home, now it is not necessary to break the head about what kind of psychological and physical condition they will be.

top o magli The story of the fog

The inhabitants of the World of Fantasy know how dangerous it is to walk through the fog, my children, "Old Bone told us," because the fogs sometimes hide the beings of evil and other surprises that you do not want to experience. Therefore always have the root of the angelic plant - angelica archangelica - with you in the days when dense fog is expected. Those who did not listen to this advice, after passing through the fog, they were forced to live in some other, foreign world.

top Ljubljenje u Svijetu Fantazije Kissing in the World of Fantasy

In humans the kiss begins when the lips touch other lips - or some other part of the partner's body - however in these beings the kiss starts before the physical contact. This beautiful couple in love - thanks to the ability of distance sensation - even before the lips join, feel the compatibility in the emotions and the quality of passion. Their love chemistry is at a high level and they are confident that they can safely indulge in a complete experience of giving and receiving. But they will not rush with their love journey, because every sincere form of exchange of tenderness and passion at these beings takes a very long time.

top Potraga kroz portal Searching through the passage

There is a lot of talk about friendship, and this one from the World of Fantasy is really unusual. Dodo Sagepass, being with wings, is so rare that even in the World of Fantasy there is no other member of his genus. And Dodo wants to have his family. One of the abilities of this, love of the hungry being, is the ability to open the passage, the door between worlds and other dimensions. His friend, Elvis Nergetic, is always on his side and braves him with words:
- Never give up, open your eyes well, you will find your soul mate, it certainly exists in this or the other world! Open a new pass, go for a new quest!
Such words awaken in Dodo the power of will and the new force to reopen and again, spinning energy balls (a very exhausting activity) opening a passage into the unexplored world where, perhaps, there is its other half. As Dodo passes through the opening into another world (or dimension) and the passage closes, Elvis clings to the spirit and body, in fear of what will be, whether his friend returns. Will he find his partner and forever be happy with her in the other world? So for days, for weeks, Elvis can wait at the passage - through his head rushes thousands of thoughts, among them and: How am I going to live without my friend?

top Zatvoreni grad Closed city

Wizard Cirilo Bum grabs my hand and I feels like we are sinking in another, human eyes invisible, level of the World of Fantasy.
- The opinion that the World of Fantasy, like every other world, only what our senses perceive and understand our mind, is worth less than the rotten bobsled. The world, the universe, the reality, are extremely complex, the human understanding of time, space, dimensions, the boundary of something, are poor, the too many rules and laws is accepted for granted - he talked to me as we floated in some space of gray-purple color.
Then, through some haze, I can see the outlines of some roughly-built houses and buildings.
"It's a Closed City," said the old wizard, "and belongs to the World of Fantasy, as well as countless other phenomena and things. Every world and many beings have their own Closed City.
- Who lives in it? What's inside these buildings? I asked him. First I thought there might be some demons inside, but also treasure.
"Nobody knows the answer to that question, my little boy, except the one who built it," Cirilo Bum told me as he took me back to the level we stayed the longest - perhaps full of some form of life or completely empty. It is not good that per some things, uninvited, dig. It may be full of some memories or feelings which must not be discovered.

top Verbalna agresija  Verbal aggression

The problem of verbal aggression in the World of Fantasy is still being given too little attention if we takes into account the number of beings who suffer the consequences of this type of violence. Verbal aggression within a family, among married or loving partners, some communities, often becomes the heavy torture, which often puts the attacked creature into a state of hopelessness and depression, take away the will of life and soon make the zombies of that creature. if you are on some being loudly spoken and slandered by curses, is mocked by his everyday behavior with unpleasant objections, laughs mockingly at what somebody delights, and constantly provoking with harsh words, we speak of the verbal aggression of the primitive form. Agomir Gression, a respected member of the community, the head of a family, has developed from just him known reasons (hidden psychopaths), verbal aggression that can be called sophisticated and is regularly performed on his wife. Ms. Gresse, Pat's name, Hetic father, left her job because Mr. Agomir could not allow his wife to work if he could feed her. The same verbal aggression with Mr. Agomira is simple: Do not talk very loud, but stabbing a little bit. When is Pat sad, loud laugh. If Pat is a goodwill, be frustrated and talk about all the mistakes she has made, though it was long ago. It does not matter if Mr. Agomir is right about some of the claims, enough to repeat them repeatedly.