top My name is John, John! by old bone art drawing

A3 format

top Psihijatrija trinaest Psychiatry thirteen, outsider artwork

For some stories, it is best never to be told.

top 3. True stories puppet zvonko lutak contemporary drawing

Note: Puppet Zvonko is tall a span, but its appearance is so magnificent, in the eye of each observer leaves such a strong impression that it is impossible to draw it in its original size.
If the enemy is about a thousand, Puppet Zvonko will take up to 10 puppetapostles in battle. (Thus the enemy has theoretical chances of winning. Only theoretical.)
This drawing can change to a better understanding of the true values of life by true intellectuals.

top Do not worry, everything's fine!, outsider collage

A3 format, collage, kolaž

top Nema isprike No excuses, contemporary outsider collage
top Florist Ernest Composto, fantasy story, brut art outsider

He lived alone away from the people on his small piece of land, always with his hands in her, with the earth under the fingernails and bred specific types of flowers in the World of Fantasy. When would ask him why bred just such flowers, which are sold poorly, Ernest would say always the same:
- I love this earth, I love these flowers, I love! -
Nature of he has been very mild, liked the solitude and socializing with their strange flowers, his communication with people was very weak, so it is no wonder that no one knows when he disappeared without a trace, or perhaps died in a blind grove. Several people in an attempt to find him, searched his small piece of land. They said that they found only on some strange flowers and plants for which are not sure whether it is beautiful or ugly, cute or a bit creepy. Ernest Composto quickly fell into oblivion, and also the location of his piece of land, so it remains a mystery what kind of life is there develops.

top Residential space of Mrs.Matilda, outsider illustration brut

Ms. Matilda lives a peaceful life in her home and deals with telling the future (popular activity in the World of Fantasy), creating talismans, and thus magic. In addition to his knowledge of reading rune, intuition and other, he uses the Mystical Eyes, which are known to have an insight into all five dimensions. In leisure time she likes to work on extending the capabilities of other creatures.

top Unusual population, outsider contemporary drawing

These creatures have a lot of character virtue but also failing. Generally speaking prefer to live in large groups but often do not know the members of their community and with other species are generally aggressive, consider that the whole Fantasy world created just for them. They possess of intelligence, they know right from wrong, have the ability reasonable conclusion but sometimes make the incomprehensible nonsense. Although can successfully live independently, there is evidence that it is always needed someone to guide them and says what is correct, the accepted value. On several occasions there have been cases when they followed their leader into the abyss or fought amongst themselves. The fact is that the mind and developed intellect of these creatures, though weaker than the primitive instincts that are in them, their number is constantly increasing.

top Doctor Gripp, unusual outsider art, fantastic story

The fact is that new, creative thoughts in science and medicine are Doktor Bolest (see more at
presented the world of medicine imprisoned in conservative irons, nevertheless brings fresh ideas. One of the doctors who deserve a prominent place in the contemporary trend of "New Treatment,", which like infectious diseases spreads in the World of Fantasy, is certainly Dr. Gripp. This top-level specialist for head ailments (also a skilled carpenter) has made special wood-based tools in the form of a fix with which he solves: any a headache, migraine, mental problems, "feelings of head scattering," tinnitus, etc.
Firmly convinced in his scientific thesis that any pain and other illness of the head is bad energy that needs to be expelled by increased energy (wedge does with wedge crop up) gradually squeeze head ill person in medical scrapes. Almost 99% of people at one point gives a sign that their trouble has passed and to be free, then they run away as far as their feet are carried, what Dr. Gripp interprets the joy of a patient who is finally cured, and in a hurry boast of their neighbors. For that reason, his assistant Pedro charges services in advance, which proved to be the right business decision because nobody returns for the second treatment.

top Suze Tears, fantastic story, marginal amateur illustration

Probably I was almost invisible, hidden between the two rocks known as Start and End. He was lying on the ground, great in every view, his view was directed up to the heavenly vault that covered the World of Fantasy, the stars kept the distant, desirable destinations. I heard him for a while and now I had a chance to see him, and listening to the loud breathing, the air from his nostrils created a stormy wind that had blown the old dry trees, creating a new space. It is a giant Leviathan Javisprem. What he was thinking of - I do not know, what emotions flowed to his body - I do not know, but only occasionally he would slip a few tears from the eye which was quiet, motionless. When he got up, the whole territory was shattered, he stepped quickly toward to the west, causing the attention of all creatures. At the place where he was, I saw another picture, his body throws out to the surface the huge rock from which fresh water was poured, flowing toward the east.