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So, rainy .....

top old bone stara kost breaktrought

Not a rare case in Multi universe in which we live, that come to breakthrough of powerful energy from one to another universe. Such events of cataclysmic proportions are changing the lives of creatures that lived in the belief stability of the current situation.
And inside every one there is inner space, a whirlwind of feelings and thoughts with other powerful forces. If we do not know our inner world, it can break through the negative forces and crushed him like a hammer glass.

top Sinful soul

There are beings to whom Norns - three goddesses of fate - knits the black wool. Moreover, they themselves their sins, like a stone upon a stone, put on his soul. Sometimes falls glimmer of light and in their - regrets valuable interior - for a moment awakened a desire to throw off the unpleasant cargo with him. It takes a short period of time because they are accustomed to live with thoughts that in the darkness of salvation throw together with his only escort, Loneliness.

top Behind closed eyelids

one of my drawing from 2014

top stara kost old bone night

Through the open window of the room poured the night,
open air summer, hot and thick.
Wrapped me.
I turned on the lamp.
Waiting for me to sit down large, a fat, velvety night butterflies.
Bringing letters and happiness.
No them.
For those who do not know it, they are gone.
Night, quiet, got darker and darker, remained.

top Territory of fearless Frankie Boy

Territory of Frankie Boy stretches away much as he can see. Even Evil Snails avoid his area, because attack armored wings broken bones, and about the power of the powerful beak and claws that are not talking. On its territory Frankie lets life just his sweetheart and his descendants. Just like this Green Eggeater, everyone else will be exposed to his frenzied attack which results in the death of careless intruders.

top kolo stara kost old bone

Everything that lives, will be come to his end. The energy leaves the body, called the soul and the like, carries in himself all the sins and good deeds, a glimmer of memory of what who were you then, what you have given and received.
In a Fantasy World, exsist Wheel Final Judgments, which retracts into itself in complete silence, the soul of the dead creatures.
Not even the wisest know of that substances is composed Wheel, much less what is happening in him and there anything after him.

top Trenuci neizvjesnosti Moments of uncertainty  stories old bon...

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top Thorns want to pummel nasal herbivore

Thorns sleep on soft moss and exactly this type of moss nasal herbivore Berti loves most and eats regularly. This time he has fallen into an ambush angry Thorns and if he does not escape, will get hurt badly. Pyramidhead Pierre by accident found here, enjoying the walk. Hopefully it will not become an innocent victim ...

top stara kost old bone crni grm black bush

Wizard Cirilo Bum confirmed to me that it is a creature of the family of plants as we approached the Great Crossroads. Besides us there were no other beings, all have fled in fear because the Black bush was notorious. Neither did I not care but I trusted in the power of the old wizard.
Indeed, I was stunned when we arrived: right here at the Great crossroads stood huge Black bush, over twenty meters high. His black flowers trembled, and the stem is moved over and I could see how it grows and expands. Through thought we passed everything I've heard about this rare occurrence, as the first sign that he is great, close disaster. There was talk that eating other creatures, one could see a pile of bones in his foot, also to release some of the gas of which is goes crazy and there were other horror stories about the evil that caused Black bush.
- It is enormous - I said - and it's only ten hours here. This is incredible, impossible. Is constantly growing.
- You should have already learned that the word impossible is not appropriate for the World of Fantasy, my boy. And to grow, it's true. I will continue to grow, feeding on the energy of evil that there are too many in this world.
Indeed, the World of Fantasy was in a difficult situation: the hordes of Evilsnails occupied the territory suitable for life, doing with this evil, devouring native. Their partners, bandits and a bully Boxes, destroying the homes and snatched what they like, leaving being badly beaten on which would encountered.
- There will be more disasters, who knows which will turn adversity hit us, Now we are just black writing! - Started whining like an old woman.
Wizard Cirilo Boom interrupted me movement of the hand.
- I taught you about Harmony, relations between the energies in Existence. Love and hate are two sides of a single sheet of nature. Always has the same good and evil in all universes, as well as humans and other animals. In a Fantasy World, evil is so increased that the Black bush just a natural consequence of the order which governs the law of Harmony. Therefore, it is an outgrowth of good.
I was surprised to his words because he has taught me that the powerful forces that are spread through space do not usually to interfere in lower-level events.
- Black Bush will be on our side, against our enemies then? Rescue us?
- Neither you nor me can save no one except ourselves, my boy - said the old wizard and turned toward home. For him, the conversation was over.
I went for the haste behind him, feeling chill to the spine of the Black bush that is still growing, snapping eerie. I could not know how important his appearance and he will play an unusual role in the near future.