top Rok bend iz Svijeta Fantazije Rock band from the World of Fan...

The human race from Earth would probably be astonished by the performance of this band from the World of Fantasy, which has the name of Rock Diverzants. There is no need to discuss the quality of music performed by these lovers in music art, and the more interesting fact is that they are unexpectedly appearing at various places gathering - for various reasons - a multitude of beings. Then with a lot of emotions performing their own play, their need to expressing their wiew of rock music's in front of the assembled beings, is fulfilled. Nothing will prevent them from expressing themselves in any place, even though they have been beaten many times in some conservative areas of the World of Fantasy.

top Pticostoli 2 Birdapostles 2

About the birdapostles, addicts to sniffing the bird feather, I spoke already in the post - see -
but these interesting residents of the Magic Valley deserve more attention due to their imagination shown in the drawing. It is well-known that a psychically stable birdapostles once daily sniffs his bird (usually a canary or parakeet at home) and so in a moderate and healthy way he constantly contributes to his physical and intellectual development. The largest number of birdapostles have been proven, with time becoming sick - addicts to bird scents and constantly looking for new species of birds to satisfy their need for fragrant bird feathers in their nose. Finally, as the ultimate pleasure of sniffing, Olimp delight, there remains the Orangebeak, the birds whose smell - as birdssniffers claim - bring to the state of Nirvana. The problem is that the Orangebeak, that beautiful and delicate bird, dies if it only gets caught in hand, there is no talk of life in captivity. That is why two experienced birdapostles have to associate and carefully carry out the next procedure (which is a strictly guarded secret). First they excavate, in the area of the Orangebeak, the hole in the earth where one of them lie down, then the other covers with the earth, so that his nose is just above the ground. A special blend of seeds is then scattered around the nose with the larger pile in front of the nostrils. The birdapostles helper then leaves and the buried birdsniffer wait patiently, not moving, hoping this plan will succeed. The experienced birdsniffer is able to remain motionless for a week, catching with its exquisite flair smells of this extraordinary bird.

top Putnici koji to nisu trebali biti Passengers who are not supp...

Thousands of years, until the middle of the 16th century, these beautiful flowers lived on Earth, in Europe, mostly in Italy and Austria. They were skillfully hiding in the inaccessible mountain peaks - to avoid contact with the man - until they were sure that there would be no peaceful coexistence with people. Today, the flowers are flying to some of the universe, from star to star, leaving their native planet to people convinced that they are the most evolved creatures that the Earth has given.

top Mysterious Flower and Toothpicks

The question of teleprotation, portals between dimensions, parallel worlds, today's scientists, and humankind is confusing because their brain still works three-dimensionally and so will remain as long as they think in these boundaries. The picture shows a group of Toothpicks, very familiar with Mysterious Flower, a natural phenomenon that contains a large amount of energy. Exclusively for fun, these Toothpicks quickly jump from one world to the other, enjoying the changes that are made. The attitude that a person is destined to live forever in one, three-dimensional world you do not claim the Toothpicks.

top Rogovi vjestice Witches horns

According to the old belief, if a tree or a bush grows in the shape shown in the picture, they are Witch Horns. Do all the people of the World of Fantasy believe this - is not known - but they do not try to stay long in the vicinity of this place, why take the risk? The least accepted statement (some scientists say) is that the portal between worlds can be opened in such a place.

top Umjetnost po Jeronimu Art by Jerome

I met Jerome at a show of unconfirmed artists, exhibitions whose sponsor was a world famous sausage factory. The reason for my arrival was the free top quality sausage that the factory shared with all the present. You my dear readers, just watching the photo of installation made by Jerome (he is part of that installation). I was most impressed by the very happy expression of Jeronim's face while the rest of the scenes considered less worthy than the dry scab to fall from the pain of a sick troll. In short: Jeronim is the only son of the rich Ricoard, the owner of a number of ironware shops and various tools. It is not certain, but it is said that Jeronim began to create artwork from pure boredom, since he did not have to work to have the means to live. We quickly got together (I often came to him and enjoyed looking at a full fridge) and Jeronim gave me his vision of art.
- Painting is dead because it does not bring anything new! Only the other directions of art have a future! Art has something to reveal or hide!
I confirm by nodding my head, I swallow a delicious piece of prosciutto and say:
- Excellent!
With time, Jeronim began to paint the walls and furniture of his huge apartment. That caused me problems because I was barely finding a fridge.
"Living for art is a phrase," he said with a smile when I last saw him - it's necessary to live in art!
Even after several times I came to his apartment, everything was painted in various stripes and shapes. The fridge was empty. I quickly lost interest in Jerome and his specific work, I needed a new content.

top Nova generacija - krik New generation - cry

In the last period of time, there is a growing number of people who, by loud howling, disturb the peace and the current flow of life in the World of Fantasy. Already have forgotten the events with Michael - see -
but these new, inappropriate instances of individuals can no longer just ignore the writer of these lines. These people - screamers know how to surprise the normal people of the Fantasy World in all places and at all times. However, it has been found to be particularly attractive for places where more people gather. Modern shopping malls during large bargaining, election meetings by more or less prominent politicians, during a long traffic collapse, etc., more often suddenly hear loud busts that last for a few minutes. It was noted a scream when someone found a bunch of advertising flyers in their mailbox or during the advertising announcement in the public media. There was some wonder among the people of the World of Fantasy - and he demands something to be done about breaking the public order and peace - but soon society gets used to occasional screaming. Preoccupied by their jobs for which they are always lacking enough time, the people of the Earth of Fantasy say: We live in democracy, let everyone do what he wants until he touches me. A small number of people stop and watch the Screamings which yelling until they remain breathless and then quit, fall to their knees and quietly sobs. Of these scenes, some claim, benefit have psychiatrists and large antipsychotic companies.

top Neumjereni Incontinent
top Tajno mjesto Secret place

Uneasy feeling when meeting with the skeletons totally is incomprehensible because they are bones part of the human and many other creatures. Therefore, this harmless and dear creatures hiding in the secret place of Fantasy World where they find the peace that they deserve.

top Planeta ima dusu The planet has a soul

The arrival of researcher Pepe Fajgla (see will always attract the numerous inhabitants of the Earth of the Fantasy which wanted news.
- I was on a small planet that its inhabitants call the Earth. The beings who are called people, from me unmistakable reasons are doing everything to smash the environment and destroy the living conditions on Earth - said Pepe Fajgl. - You must be really crazy when you cut the branch you are sitting on.
The beings who listened to him looked at the wonder, not believing their ears.
- Those spirited stunted creatures who are called people, are not aware that every planet is a living organism that has a soul - said an experienced researcher - it is painful to see how the Earth suffers the pain of its offspring as the mother to which the child, when growing, slaps.
The assembled beings who listened to Pepe Fajgl long and sad speech about humanity thought of many lifeless planets, their patience and optimism that a spark of life would glow in their midst.