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Every normal person is intuitively aware of the existence of powerful energy in us and our environment, there are forces that are not scientifically confirmed. The average person can not explain occasional appearance strong inner feeling that he is close at hand is the opportunity to do for himself something really big, that there must be a way to invisible, powerful current that passes past him to direct to their advantage. Most quickly forget this message - that flash on and off in him - and return to old habits, which like iron shirt, keep the condition of the monotonous everyday life. The mysterious voice in us - Do more, because it is possible! - one will come back again, no matter how many years have had. Why and where they come such messages in us?
According to the Teachings of the old witch - great masters of practical magic - the study of the unknown and mysterious world, with seeking and prayer, will bring the practitioner biggest prize in this material existence (if this is what truly want a practitioner). Attentive escorts of the Teachings with the right to claim that our Invisible associate whispers. Even more good to know that there is a God Unknown, an ancient force, the energy that seeks progress of every being, supports sweep, development and growth. There is no harmony and satisfaction without growth, moving to more and better, dissemination of personal magic circle. For this energy we can say that there was a first.

top Psihijatrija deset Psychiatry ten

For some stories are best never to be told.

top Nezamislive muke ubojice Kirila Excruciating torment of kille...

The beginning of this story everyone knows: a mysterious organization kidnapped Kiril, then the little boy, that would be trained for an elite assassin. Discipline iron hand, brainwashing, persistently implanting perverse moral values have been Kiril everyday life. His main teacher, Mr. X., given to Cyril sometimes candy - if the boy ran over a some plant. With time the boy rolled up neck to some animalcule, then was awarded with chocolate. Thus, after each murder is currently pursuing a sweet reward, until Kiril brain is not started producing a lot of serotonin and endorphins, after these terrible procedures. Noticing that Kiril prefers liqueur chocolates Mr.X. did not stint on them when Kiril started to take away the lives of the unfortunate people who were abducted and trapped for the purpose of training of Kiril. The rest of the story became a legend: large corporations, powerful people from various governments, criminal groups, etc., are ordered from Mr. X, someone execution and Kirill is perfectly trained and motivated, those tasks that bring him pleasure and happiness. Many years have passed in harmony deaths and satisfaction. Then one day Mr. X died of natural causes, without telling anyone in what way contact with Kirill and not where there is Kirilovo hideout. Without knowing for the death of Mr. X,, Kiril is for a while patiently waiting for a new assignment. Time passed, in the Cyril began to smolder stronger and stronger impatience, the harmony of his life has been shaken, he fell into a strongly depressed behavior. At one point, devastated by despair, he realized that Mr. X - the only person with whom he had human relationships - will not call him never. Kiril is went out in the night, shaking, overcome high fever, with the need to kill, kill anybody. Without orders to kill somebody, tottered like a drunk through the dark streets and his brain is persistently screamed: Kill! Kill! Then through his head flies like lightning thought: Kill the first person that comes along! All exhausted, Kiril is hide in the shade of an old house, down his face have begun to trickle tears because of his unfortunate destiny.
Then he heard someone's footsteps amplified, passerby was approaching.
For a long time the police unsuccessfully dealt crimes that have suddenly begun. The victims were of different ages, genders, education, among them there were no connection. After a few years, the killings stopped.
What happened after the unfortunate Kirill, is unknown.

top Angels apprenticed

- The forces of darkness are very fruitful - he told me wizard Cirilo Bum - mushroomed the evil past few thousand years, started to spread like a flu epidemic. Angels have long struggling to final efforts to be some kind of balance between good and evil in the universe. It is well known that evil is made of raw and coarse materials, primitive energy in them has the ability to immediately act. With angels situation is different, weaving their body is noble, ability to spread good is not possible to quickly develop. Fortunately for us, already for the time of his apprenticeship, the angels because of their nature, can do lot of good.

top Music beings and nocturnal plants

The music of these beings clearly hear anyone who completely immersed in a silence, any night.

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The music of these beings clearly hear anyone who completely immersed in a silence, any night.

top Ratna geografija War geography

Ratna geografija War geography

top O, ne opet

O, ne opet... Oh, not again...

top Runa Gifu (Dar za vas A gift for you)

It was one of those spring days - when the sun appears and warms the body - after a foggy and cold morning. The old witch held up a dress to her knees and went into the creek, barefoot. I sat on the bank and watched figures that were created in the rapids, the simple fact that water is constantly coming, inspired by the new ideas in me. Witch slowly thrust his hands into the water and pull the fish from the stream. Then slowly passed several steps, immersed hands and took out another fish. Is it magic attract fish or she just knew where the fish are resting, I've often wondered.
- Now we have lunch - she says, and goes along the coast. I followed her, not even knowing that they will then say to me one of the greatest secrets of her Teachings.
- You started to understand the basics of Teachings, my boy - said to me, old witch - it's time to realize your desires, what you really want, things, position, money, power ... that you will achieve in a simple way. You'll have a much more successful spiritual development when you first satisfy the desires of your heart and mind.
For a while she was silent, then a quiet voice continued
- Take a piece of paper - if you want in your favorite color - and write much as you want desires, a list of what you want read every day, three times: morning, noon and night. Just think and visualize the details and the details of the list as often as you can. Do not tell anyone about your list, which wishes to have it. Only a Powerful force that is in you, she will materialize your desires. Wishes can freely modify, extend, modify the schedule, draw up a new list. Some wishes will be accomplished soon, a certain you will change, changes on your list will always be.
She was silent again, because she was in this way still giving time to agree the dice in my head.
- You taught me that the Universe is full of abundance and that should just ask for. Are you speaking about it now? - I asked her.
Witch stopped and looked me in the eye.
- It is unnecessary think how it will accomplish what you wrote, no matter how have seemed some wishes totally unrealizable. Thinking will have in this case a negative effect. I told you that this Teaching is based on experience, proven practice that brings results. I understand that you do not have a strong faith right at the beginning - that this certainly works - because this system is inscrutable to human reason as well as many more around us.
- It's so simple procedure? - I asked.
- It's so simple - confirm - you will know that proper making progress with new desires that you will add to the top of the list. Progress is evident from the fact you'll get off the list - with time - some desire that you initially wrote. Once you begin to fulfill desires, be sure to thank XXX (real name not available here), from the heart, sincerely. Let your faith growing steadily, my boy! Nothing stands in your way to get everything you want, because the Force is omnipotent.

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