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The music of these beings clearly hear anyone who completely immersed in a silence, any night.

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Ratna geografija War geography

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O, ne opet... Oh, not again...

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It was one of those spring days - when the sun appears and warms the body - after a foggy and cold morning. The old witch held up a dress to her knees and went into the creek, barefoot. I sat on the bank and watched figures that were created in the rapids, the simple fact that water is constantly coming, inspired by the new ideas in me. Witch slowly thrust his hands into the water and pull the fish from the stream. Then slowly passed several steps, immersed hands and took out another fish. Is it magic attract fish or she just knew where the fish are resting, I've often wondered.
- Now we have lunch - she says, and goes along the coast. I followed her, not even knowing that they will then say to me one of the greatest secrets of her Teachings.
- You started to understand the basics of Teachings, my boy - said to me, old witch - it's time to realize your desires, what you really want, things, position, money, power ... that you will achieve in a simple way. You'll have a much more successful spiritual development when you first satisfy the desires of your heart and mind.
For a while she was silent, then a quiet voice continued
- Take a piece of paper - if you want in your favorite color - and write much as you want desires, a list of what you want read every day, three times: morning, noon and night. Just think and visualize the details and the details of the list as often as you can. Do not tell anyone about your list, which wishes to have it. Only a Powerful force that is in you, she will materialize your desires. Wishes can freely modify, extend, modify the schedule, draw up a new list. Some wishes will be accomplished soon, a certain you will change, changes on your list will always be.
She was silent again, because she was in this way still giving time to agree the dice in my head.
- You taught me that the Universe is full of abundance and that should just ask for. Are you speaking about it now? - I asked her.
Witch stopped and looked me in the eye.
- It is unnecessary think how it will accomplish what you wrote, no matter how have seemed some wishes totally unrealizable. Thinking will have in this case a negative effect. I told you that this Teaching is based on experience, proven practice that brings results. I understand that you do not have a strong faith right at the beginning - that this certainly works - because this system is inscrutable to human reason as well as many more around us.
- It's so simple procedure? - I asked.
- It's so simple - confirm - you will know that proper making progress with new desires that you will add to the top of the list. Progress is evident from the fact you'll get off the list - with time - some desire that you initially wrote. Once you begin to fulfill desires, be sure to thank XXX (real name not available here), from the heart, sincerely. Let your faith growing steadily, my boy! Nothing stands in your way to get everything you want, because the Force is omnipotent.

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