top purple woods
top star-thistle
top Jerusalem the built city that’s joined together

Jerusalem, a city of merger and separation

This so special holy and loved city …composed of zippers. Jeans material, peaces of an authentic talit (prayer shawl) and peaces of an army uniform…all surrounded with stones…

The zippers that symbolizes the most the merger and separation…
The jeans, as a symbol of secularism,
The Talit as a symbol of religion and tradition,
And the army uniform, as a symbol of authority and struggle....
All in all composes a unique mosaic with a double meaning…

So is the Temple mount, the holiest place for the Jewish people,
Holy of Holiest…the purest of all… we all realize that it means a fight, a real fight… and the colors that were chosen are military colors…

Every stone… every soul…every spirit…every way of life..
Every choice…so individual so unique…and in the mosaic of life- of this so magnificent and unique city- it is so much together and united…

top The Lights Of Jerusalem
top Everlasting holiness of Jerusalem

There is no end to the divinity of Jerusalem. Purity, Judaism and the everlasting connection to mountains, stones, earth and holiness are symbolized by shades of sky-blue and earth

top A Gate Of Hope

mixed media on recycled wood.
I.D: Jerusalem with its many gateways, always golden, always charming.

top Jerusalem Of Colores

mixed media with glass tesserae and stone on recycled wood.
I.D: Such a spicy city, colourful, vital, full of smells and tastes…So very special.

top Jerusalem of earth and sky blue

Sky blue for purity and Judaism, connected to a land of mountains and holiness…

top Jerusalem of gold

mixed media with mosaics on recycled wood.
I.D: The most natural name for Jerusalem, no need for words.

top Jerusalem of hope

White Jerusalem with an arched gateway, embracing, protecting and assuring in the prayer and blessing for peace. Such yearning for tranquility, peace and solace in this city.
Jerusalem embraces many prayers for peace, brotherhood and truth…
So many desires and so many dreams have been written about this very special city