top Jerusalem is not all black and white

Mosaic tessera, glass, metals and zippers on recycled wood.
I.D: Jerusalem is not all black and white – the reunited city, the city of connections disconnections and so much symbolism.
The zippers symbolize connections and disconnections, a city made up of diverse cultures, diverse people, everything that constitutes this city unite and separate it at the same time.
Jerusalem created from zippers and stones, in black and white shades, everything seems black and white at first, but essentially the city is not at all black and white.

top Divine and material Jerusalem

A work of art dealing with the essence of Jerusalem - a material and a divine city, a city of courage and miracles.
Jerusalem is essentially built of very sacred stone and earth but it is also assembled from the divine spirit that pervades this charming city.
The sense of spirituality enveloping this enchanted city combines with the sense of courage displayed by its inhabitants

top Warp and weft

Warp and weft…continuation…

Complexity: Warp and Weft
A woman is a confusing complexity of a physical and spiritual being. She needs to make a home, be a parent, a wife and friend and have a successful career. We are expected to fulfill personal expectations and those of our surroundings.
an orderly, clean and cared-for home, a, tasty, interesting fresh cooked meal, to learn to make gefilte fish and sushi too, to take out the stains and understand the wonders of feng shui. We have to care for our children, clean, and teach, to have natural deliveries without a scream and to nurse our kids until they are sixteen.
To have a well paid, successful career, but earn a bit less then your spouse!
We have to host and entertain with style and taste, making it all looks grand even on a minimum wage. The guests must leave with a feeling of more even if it was really a bore.
We need to have time for family and friends and still have time to pamper ourselves and our surroundings.
We have to keep in touch with distant cousins and aunts and never forget their birthdays
And parents! It is said that one mother can raise twelve children, but twelve children aren't enough to care for one mother.
We aspire to be otherwise
We should aspire to advancement in life in every way, we should aspire to see the world, to read about it, to be updated as to what is happening in Pakistan and, not less important, if Maccabee Tel Aviv won and who made the major leagues.
Oh…now to take care of our relationship with our mate in grand style, not to forget to pamper him, to worry about what he loves best, to surprise him with treats and luxuries in the middle of his work day, just any old day of the week, to kiss, to love and to invest in him as though there isn't anything or anyone more important in the world.
Even if we are two weeks after giving birth with another rug rat in the house, he's first and foremost…
And of course we should look like a million dollars, always well-groomed, without an extra ounce on us, as if we just stepped out of a fashion magazine.
When we are at home in jeans and a T-shirt too, mopping the floor at the end of the day, we should not forget that he is the most important thing…that we should drop whatever we are doing and make ourselves available to him – calm, refreshed, heaven forbid yawning, pampering him, tempting him and being as sexy as can be.
Life is easy for (modern?)Woman…

top Seen from here aren't seen from there

Complexity: seen from here aren't seen from there

every woman sees things differently
each from a different country
each having different culture and language
each with a parcel of her own baggage
each with different power and norm
each one to which she must conform
different thinking and observing
different yawning and walking
different feminity
different sexuality…

beauty is in the eye of the beholder
a beauty in each one should savor

Everyone sees things differently
We are all women
A different continent
A different country
A different culture
A different language
A different hierarchy
A different norm
Different power
Thinking differently
Observing differently
A different size
Different femininity
Different sexuality
A different dress
Laughing differently
A different woman
The feminine potential is embodied in each one of us.
Only from different perspectives different aspects are seen.

Complexity: Things Seen From Here Aren't Seen From There
From the Madonnas Series.
Mixed Techniques – wood, paper, loam, glass, acrylic and chemicals
Diameter: 105 cm.
A work whose base is roulette table hanging on a revolving apparatus.

top Puzzle

Complexity: Puzzle

a woman is a million parts made into one
tying to understand them is exciting and fun
to each she is different
and to some indifferent
but add the parts piece by piece, one by one
and discover the inner beauty hidden in each one…

Complexity: The Puzzle-From the Madonnas Series

top fixation

Spirituality: Fixation

someone or something
that leaves us obsessing
time has evaporated
the world depopulated
tears fill our eyes
As we try to stop our cries…

Spirituality: Fixation-From the Madonnas Series

top Avoidance

Spirituality: Avoidance

the games women play
to keep the men here and a way
whether coifed or unkempt
elusive, curly or none
behind long hair they hide
Soft and feminine this is their pride…

Spirituality: Avoidance-From the Madonnas Series

top Illumination


Spirituality: Illumination-From the Madonnas Series

top A kiss

Physicality :A kiss

Something true, soft and gentle
may be meaningful ,simple or fickle
there’s a mother’s gentle kiss to her new born
or a mothers “make it better” kiss when her child is forlorn
there's a mother’s kiss so strong, it swallows the child up
or a mother’s good morning kiss, as her child wakes up
there is a simple , polite one to a friend she has missed
there’s a lustful, loving kiss, one he cannot resist
there’s a wet kiss, a dry kiss,
a genuine kiss, a worthless kiss
a kiss making us feel missed,
a kiss easily dismissed
there are kisses you want more, more and more
kisses we simply do adore
there’s a meaningless kiss, a playful kiss
a loving kiss, and a lovers kiss
a kiss goodbye , a kiss hello
a kiss is how we make feelings show…

Physicality: Kiss – From the Madonnas Series

top A caress

Physicality :A caress

A caress of the hand, intentional or not
A caress with a finger, touching but not
the caress of eyes loving and warm
caressing each other in a rainstorm
A caress with one’s hair
can tempt him to declare
that your caresses he adores
and will be forever yours…

Physicality : Caress – From the Madonnas Series