top Palace of Light

Central perspective interior view of a neoclassicist pillared hall. Architectural 3d-modeling, image editing. Original without ©-marks. Giclee print.

top Mother Nature? (II)

Ironic lettering made of buildings, seen in bird's eye perspective. Simplified 3d modeling of a futuristic city.

top Innocence?

Blood cell phones. While we are posting our latest party snapshots, the last Congolese mountain gorillas vanish, eaten by thousands of slave labourers and child workers who are scratching the poisonous ore, named Coltan, out of the soil. We live in paradise without noticing it – they suffer in hell. More information on

top Love?

Visualized ironic statement. Lettering made of barbed wire attached at a wooden board wall. Combination of 3d modeling (barbed wire) and photography (wood).

top Justice?

Wealth meets poverty. Ironic lettering consisting of gold ingots that lie on dried-out, cracked soil.
(Wrong hyphenation due to graphic reasons. The subject has nothing to do with ice.)

top Peace?

Si vis pacem, para bellum. For millennia, mankind has refined its tools and weapons, but not its morals.

Digital still-life with political subject. Lettering, made of gun and rifle ammunition, between empty brass shell casings and blood splatters.

top Romanesque Basilica

Digital visualization of a romanesque sacral building. Architectural rough model without details. Original without ©-mark.

top Freedom?

Digital graphic with political subject. Ironic lettering composed of barred doors in a prison.

top Suspension Bridge I

Simulated wide angle photography of a big suspension bridge, and a skyscraper city in the background.

top Suspension Bridges I

Architectural 3d modeling showing an array of suspension bridges. Simplified construction, similar to the north American Golden Gate Bridge.