top Soliloquy

In this artwork I digitally combined a sketch, watercolour and photograph to reflect the harshness of the desert engulfed by a sea of Sturt Desert Peas in the desert West of the town of ghost town of Silverton (New South Wales).

top Sturt Desert Pea

After flooding rains the desert comes alive with carpets of these amazing desert flowers.

top The WMF

In this artwork I used my photographs and acrylic on paper artworks, scanned and layered them and digitally manipulated the resultant image.

top Dying Swan

In this artwork I used one of my paintings as a base and digitally overlayed two of my ballet photographs then digitally manipulated the image in Photoshop.

top Sea mist

I merged one of my watercolours with one of my North Queensland photographs and digitally manipulated them to dramatize the misty effect that was inadequate in the photograph.

top A pause in rehersal

This artwork is inspired by the work of Paul Huet. I scanned several of my ballet photographs and layer merged them. I created two digital images. I layered the two digital images as a slighly offset underprint on canvas then painted several translucent layers of acrylic. I was aiming for a slightly off-register image to imply movement.

top ballet shoes

From my various studies and drawings of ballet dancers and their shoes, I made a digital combination to simulate the dancers movement. This was lightly digitally printed onto canvas and then layers of both solid and translucent acrylic were applied to finish the artwork.

top The White Swan

Having been inspired by many Artdoxa artists and artworks in my favorites, I tried a total Photoshoped digital photomontage from the many ballerina photographs that I have taken. My background painting, that I scanned in, was somewhat washed out in the layers, but the result is interesting. I was trying to get a misty overall effect.

top Sutton Grange in Autum

This work has been put into my Artdoxa gallery to demonstrate where my art was then. This work was part of an exhibition in Bendigo, Victoria 1979. The paint was applied with sponges, pieces of cardboard, crumpled paper and chewed sticks - all unconventional materials at the time for painting.

top Drought

In this artwork watercolour was laid down in washes and the image was covered with blue-black gouache then sponged off. Some additional washes were laid down to complete the painting.