top PSMa82-with a big aspiration -gez

ambassador - Botschafterin

top PSMa12-ghost tree growing -gez
top PSM93-ship of fools at midnight -gez

the elders dream

top PSM92-with the night vision system -gez

what the nettle means

top PSM91-singing roots -gez

was die Walderdbeeren so singen

top PSMa41-answer to the planttree -gez

answering the plant

top PSMa20-dreaming roots -gez

the Dragon Tree tells me his dream
I am answering with my

top taster;Tinte, Farbstift auf PflanzenSchrift, 2019

the taster is the Vorkoster

top mycelium relevance; Tinte, Farbstift auf PflanzenSchrift, Pap...

the importance of the mushroom

top already in the morning a frutarian; Tinte, Farbstift auf Pfla...

the frutarian in empathy to the plants