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Arthur Sosna (ArthurSosna)

Arthur Sosna (ArthurSosna)


Born on 01.05.1977 in Mödling, Lower Austria as Stefanie Attersee, neighbor of Rudolf Hausner, whom she was allowed to watch as a child at work and was thus able to gain her first teaching experience very early on.

1996-2002 study of business administration in Innsbrück.
2002 Married to Hans Sosna, chief engineer at Porsche.

2002-2005 employed in senior position at the Wiener Stadtwerke.

In 2006 guest auditor with Daniel Richter and Heimo Zobernig in Vienna.

2008 Meeting with Arnulf Rainer during his exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna and the beginning of a friendship that has lasted until now. Through him, she also met Hermann Nitsch with whom he also connects a friendship. In addition, she had worked several times as a model and actor for Hermann Nitsch’s performances and actions and got to know so also Jonathan Fair, with whom she is also friends.

2009 divorce from Hans Sosna, Sex reassignment surgery from female to male.

Remarried in 2016 with Hans Sosna.

Independent artist since 2018 as "painter of the colors of the day" with studio and place of residence in Berlin.

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  • Hannus Von Muehlengrab (HannusVonMuehlengrab)
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