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"University of Darkness"

Every Age of Enlightenment, with its new discoveries, advancements and breakthroughs, and every step forward towards human understanding brings the terrible revelation that the bulk of humankind’s knowledge is always in error, always wrong. We see that truth lies solely in the misconception of contemporary observation. Humanity’s most enduring achievement, learning to walk upright, was probably only happenstance.

Dennis James Laux, 2012

top Early morning

Early morning - artwork by Ridha H. Ridha. Digital art, Size 70 X 50 cm 300 dpi.

top Moment of fear

Moment of fear - artwork by Ridha H. Ridha. Digital art, Size 80 X 60 cm 300 dpi.

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top Herstellung des Belastungs Körpers

Acrylic on canvas 21" x 18" August 27, 2018. Signed and dated on the reverse side by the Artist. This painting does not require a frame.
Future tense, glitch in the cerebral manifest, future technologies, Offworld installations, Shinjuku neon, hallucinogenic image scans, organic prototypes, covert/surreptitiousness space exploration both inner and outer.
My recent paintings are an extension and expansion into my own exploration of unseen worlds, both imagined and real. These could be story boards for motion pictures yet to be made or projections of future events.