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Andreas Hahn (DeHahn)

Andreas Hahn (DeHahn)


Abitur 1970
States Examination 1976 Highschool Teacher
Merchant for foreign trade 1979
Sales Representative IT 1983
Sales-/Management Trainer 1988
Translator Norwegian 1998
Film Coordinator 1997, 1999, 2015
Various jobs (teacher, freelance, proprietor etc.)

Start with painting/graphics 2008


27.-29.11.2009 Kunst gegen Sofa
Löhrerhof 50354 Hürth (bei Köln)

9. Mai bis Oktober 2010 BankArt in Bad Bevensen
mit fünf von mir gestalteten Bänken

29.10. - 09.12.2010 statt Galerie Erkrath - Kreissparkasse

15.10.2011 - Japantag Düsseldorf. 3 sculptures

03.06.2012 - Japantag Düsseldorf Painting "Ray"


My art is my way that was shaped by a life full of changes. In consequence my work is full of changes too, in techniques, in sugets and in styles. The main point: all come directly from my heart and my subconscience. They illustrate inner processes and give me awareness. Due to my childhood in Berlin there is some humor, some irony and some sarcasm involved which I hope the spectator can enjoy.

  • José García y Más (josegarciaymas)
  • Erik Holzworth (mustard)
  • G Recht  (GRecht)
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Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on October 20, 2021 01:37:

Andreas Thank you !

abdelfattah ameen (dode)

abdelfattah ameen wrote on September 25, 2021 14:53:

All greetings and appreciation

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on July 30, 2021 16:39:

Your very welcome , and yes we are seeing the worlds climate system changing rapidly! , it’s right before our eyes , violent storms , extreme flooding , mega droughts and yet so many people are blind to it , wanting to deny that this is a real problem ! they one day could see the end of mans existence! , Earth is trying to tell us something !

The best to you !

Armin Burghagen (arminburghagen)

Armin Burghagen wrote on July 07, 2021 07:27:

Herzlichen Dank für diesen Kommentar - freue mich

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on April 22, 2021 01:58:

Andreas Your so very welcome ! , I enjoy your work greatly, the energy, colors , movement
Keep Creating !
The best to you

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on June 18, 2020 02:27:

Andreas Thank you ! , honored by your encouraging words !
The best to you !

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on May 22, 2020 18:28:

Andreas ! Thank you for taking time to look over my art and for the powerful words , I loved your descriptions and anology for each of my works !

The best to you

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on March 21, 2020 18:24:

Your welcome Andreas ! , love the vibrancy of your work, and also thank you for the kind words as well !
Best health to you !


Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on November 22, 2019 02:36:

Andreas , your very welcome ! And I want to thank you for your encouragement & kind words as well !
Your artwork is full of energy , color and vibrancy ! , it inspires me to want to create art ,and as we share our work with one another it motivates each of us to create the next great piece ! , that’s the best part about it !

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on August 22, 2019 22:08:

Andreas ! , indeed I am grateful , thank you !

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on July 26, 2018 21:46:

Thank you Andreas ! , very glad you enjoyed my work also !

Cary Crisman (Fxman)

Cary Crisman wrote on March 21, 2018 00:00:

Your very welcome !

José García y Más (josegarciaymas)

José García y Más wrote on October 25, 2013 11:59:

Danke, lieber Andreas, freue mich sehr !!!

Margareta Jungerth Boo (jungerthb)

Margareta Jungerth Boo wrote on October 18, 2013 18:22:

Andreas! Tänk att du kan norska. Har du bott i Norge?
Jag besöker Oslo några gånger om året.

paul huet (paulhuet)

paul huet wrote on September 21, 2013 14:45:

thank you Andreas !

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on May 21, 2013 18:00:

Hi Andreas - no worries, I like your work. Sorry I did not see the message below. When I first joined I was trying to find geometric type stuff, maybe related to the design work of people like Kandinsky. But not to worry - I have found some fabulous work on this site and will upload as much as I can here. Cheers!! Best Luke

Andreas Hahn (DeHahn)

Andreas Hahn wrote on April 08, 2013 20:14:

Dear Luke, 1. I don´t know many artists and 2. I don´t know geometric type work. In case You explain more precisely I could investigate. Andreas

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on April 08, 2013 19:55:

Hi Andreas - can you recommend any artists here who do lots og geometric type work? Thank you, Luke

Luke Gilliam (lukegilliam)

Luke Gilliam wrote on April 06, 2013 10:01:

No worries!

Henryk Klajna (3x23Galerie)

Henryk Klajna wrote on March 07, 2013 13:36:

Hallo Herr Hahn,
ich habe den Termin notiert und freue mich schon auf Ihren Besuch. Alles Weitere können wir dann ja direkt besprechen.

Beste Grüße,

Henryk Klajna

Henryk Klajna (3x23Galerie)

Henryk Klajna wrote on February 26, 2013 22:51:

Hallo Herr Hahn,
danke für Ihre schnelle Antwort. Ja, doch, einige Parallelen sind unübersehbar :). Die Fettstraße ist ja gar nicht so weit von der Sternstraße entfernt.

Vielleicht können Sie Ihren Besuch am 23.03. so einrichten, dass wir noch bei "Erikas Eck" (ist genau gegenüber meiner Galerie) Essen können? Die öffnen samstags allerdings erst ab 17.00 Uhr.

Hanseatische Grüße,

Henryk Klajna

Andreas Hahn (DeHahn)

Andreas Hahn wrote on February 26, 2013 17:53:

Halloh, Herr Klajna,

das ist ja ein merkwürdiger "Zufall", denn a) haben wir beide einen besonderen Lebenslauf (siehe diesen im Anriss auf meinem Profil) als auch habe ich gut 30 Jahre in Hamburg gewohnt, u.a. in der Fettstraße.

Um den 23.3. hole ich meine Mutter aus Hamburg ab und könnte mal in der Galerie vorbeischauen.

Grüße zurück,

Andreas Hahn

Henryk Klajna (3x23Galerie)

Henryk Klajna wrote on February 26, 2013 17:20:

Hallo Herr Hahn,
fasziniert habe ich Ihre Werke betrachtet. Ich würde diese gerne in meiner Galerie ausstellen.

Beste Grüße,

Henryk Klajna
(3x23 Galerie)