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, Fallen Princesses series was born in 2007 out of deep personal pain, when she raged against the “happily ever after” motif we are spoon fed since childhood. The series creates metaphor out of the myths of fairy tales, forcing the viewer to contemplate real life: failed dreams, addiction, obesity, Cancer, the extinction of indigenous culture, pollution, war and the fallacy of chasing eternal youth. By embracing the textures and colors created by Walt Disney, which built a multi-billion dollar empire exploiting these fairy tales, Fallen Princesses exposes the consumerism that has negated the morality of these ancient parables. It also begs the question, "How do we define the concept of ‘good’? and how do we live a ‘good’ life?”

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An empty room in a flat. White walls. One wall and the window are covered with a laserprint, that shows the view out of the window. On the print you can see the opposite building, made with precast concrete slabs. One window is cut out of the print, so if you approach, you can see through it. The sun lightens a little spot on the wall, that is moving constantly.

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"Urge For Going"

Now the warriors of winter they give a cold triumphant shout
All that stays is dying all that lives is getting out
See the geese in chevron flight
Flapping and a-racin on before the snow
Got the urge for going they've got the wings to go

J. Mitchell

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It is said that in Ulthar, no man may kill a cat; and this I can verily believe as I gaze upon him who sitteth purring before the fire. For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroë and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten.
HPL, 1920

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