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Aaron Rodgers (Ghostman429)

Aaron Rodgers (Ghostman429)


Born and raised near Louisville, KY, Aaron Rodgers has always been intrigued by art and the creative side of things. He considers himself mostly self-taught and has learned much through trial and error. He also owes much of his success and learned skills to his mentor Robert Duncan. In high school he took every traditional and AP art class that he could and has earned numerous awards. Since graduating he has begun to focus on three main branches or art: photography (both black and white and color), abstract painting, and sketching. Aaron Rodgers currently resides in Taylorsville, KY. Aaron would like to thank his friends and family for their support in spite of his sometimes uncommon taste in art.


2002 SPENCER COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL ART SHOW- ( 1st place - color photography, 3rd- place color photography, 1st place- Black/White photography, 3rd- place black and white photography, 1st place- black and white pen and ink drawing, 1st place collage.)

2003 SPENCER COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL ART SHOW ( 1st place- Color photography, 2nd place- Color photography, 1st place black/white photography, 1st place computer graphics, 3rd place- computer graphics, 2nd place pen and ink drawing, 3rd place pen ink drawing, 1st place pencil drawing, 1st place collage, 2nd place collage, 1st place mixed media.)

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  • Michael B. (MitchvanBraun)
  • reihaneh zaribaf (reihan)
  • peter walker (zeropainter)
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