top P is for Principle
top viel hatten sie sich nicht zu sagen

they haven't had a lot to say

collage: acryl and paper on canvas

top Outpost - Solis Planum.

Acrylic on wood panel 10.75" x 8.75" 4.1.2019

top Interceptor II

Charcoal on paper 31" x 43" May 11, 2019. Future tense, glitch in the cerebral manifest, future technologies, Offworld installations, Shinjuku neon, hallucinogenic image scans, organic prototypes, covert/surreptitiousness space exploration both inner and outer.
My recent drawings are an extension and expansion into my own exploration of unseen worlds, both imagined and real. These could be story boards for motion pictures yet to be made or projections of future events.
Signed and dated by the Artist on the reverse side.

top colored revelation #2
top still there_VIII
top Überbrückung
top Stormy surroundings, Work on paper Pen & Ink drawing
top am Ende doch